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Guide to Buying the Best Wedding Bands for Him & Her in 2024

Every couple aims to buy unique wedding band sets for their D day. While the rings are a promise of commitment towards each other, they are also the most precious jewelry pieces for married couples. Therefore, the design, style and overall appeal of the rings is a matter of utmost importance. Let us help you find out how to find the best rings for each other.

While an engagement ring symbolizes the proposal, wedding rings signify your forever love for each other. This makes them extra special and hence, they should express the bond that the two of you share. Unlike gold plane bands as wedding bands for him and her, the modern times and fashionable jewelry have spoilt people for choices. And why not? There should be plenty of options, varieties and designs to help you both figure out the best rings for the wedding. Go through our handy guide to find out what 2024 offers in terms of couple wedding rings.

Handy guide to find unique wedding bands for him and her:

Get a broad idea of the budget!

While the wedding rings would be a precious possession in terms of value, there should be a fair idea about how much you both want to spend on them. You can certainly expand it as per the situation but, go with a certain amount in mind to ensure that you don’t end up inflating your wedding budget.

Decide on the material or metal of the rings!

As gold is fast becoming a yesteryear’s thing, other new generation materials like platinum, titanium, tungsten are becoming a popular choice in 2024. Even mix metals with a combination of gold & titanium, platinum & tungsten, etc are fast becoming a rage. Suitable for both him & her, the mix metal rings are definitely a favorite this year.

Matching wedding bands or not?

The trends of this year suggest that couples are looking for bands that resonate with their individual sensibilities. They don’t need to exactly match, in fact, couples are happy if the bands blend in terms of metals, accents, design, or effect. So, it seems they like a cohesive effect rather than a absolute match, when it’s about the couple wedding bands. Having said that, such rings are crafted to complement each other and therefore, offer an enchanting appeal of togetherness.

Choose rings that tell your story!

It is observed this year that couples also prefer rings that tell their story. Like couples who share love for nature choose eco-friendly materials like wood rings made from oak, walnut, teak, etc. These woods last for a century, so does the rings. There are also times when they use wooden bands as their engagement ring followed by gold or precious metal bands for the wedding.

Decide on the type of couple wedding bands

There are many unique styles of rings available for couples. Both of you need to figure out which ones are your kinds. Apart from what we have mentioned above, some of the popular kinds are as follows:

Open wedding rings: Rings with an empty space or a diamond between the connecting point are called open bands. Couples are crazy about this latest way of adorning their ring finger. Open bands have a different aesthetic vibe, which captures the essence and style of modern day couples.

Two toned rings: Rings made by blending two metals with different hue are a thing now. Some examples are rose gold & platinum, yellow gold & titanium, titanium & tungsten for couples who want to incorporate black in their rings, and more. Think over this idea as a combination of metals give a distinct appeal to the rings.

Eco-friendly wedding rings for him and her: Lab grown diamonds are another popular choice. As these stones are cultivated in a lab and not extracted from mines, they do not disturb the harmony of nature. Moreover, their shine, color, pattern and sparkle are the same as real diamonds so, why not choose them. They are affordable, which saves a big chunk of your wedding budget as well. Most importantly, they do not compromise on the luxurious effect of perfect wedding rings for him and her.

Patterned designs for couple bands: Unique patterns like Celtic knots, hand braided, edgy cuts, textured structure enveloped by shiny metal rings, and everything that the couple can imagine is possible to mold in the rings.

Tech friendly wedding rings for couples: Welcome to the year of smart wedding bands that infuse tech with precious metals. These rings actually vibrate, needs charging and even lets you feel your partner’s heartbeat. Well, if both of you are tech junkies then these rings should be a certain consideration.

Experimental with shapes: Modish couples are ready to experiment with diverse shapes of diamonds and even rings. Curvy or round rings are not the only choice this year. They go with hexagonal patterns, square and other unusual shapes. Same goes about the diamonds in their rings.

Custom rings for couples: Wedding rings that are designed specifically to suit your sensibilities are in. From engraving your partner’s name on the ring to marking your wedding date on the inside of the ring to any creative idea that captures your heart, its possible to incorporate in the wedding rings.

To conclude, once you are sure about the budget, divert your attention on the kind of rings. While most would like individualistic, unique wedding bands for him and her, the idea of vintage rings is still not obsolete. This year is all about choosing rings that satisfy your personality and emote your love story!

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