Top 10 Tips To Pick The Perfect Wedding Ring For Your Bae!

Top 10 Tips To Pick The Perfect Wedding Ring For Your Bae!

All of us want a perfect wedding ring to add to our romance and make it an ideal symbol of a lifetime promise. Although you are overwhelmed by the idea of selecting wedding rings, it demands a lot of thought and patience. As the ring is the most exclusive piece of jewelry for the partner, you need to be extra careful and must follow tips for choosing your wedding rings to Pick The Perfect One. The process can be frustrating if you are clueless about the type of ring settings, size, diamond quality, and other aspects of the ring. Therefore, it becomes important to consider expert advice that simplifies the selection.

How to choose wedding rings? – Try these handy tips!

Know what you want!

Both partners should sit together and brainstorm about the kind of ring, budget, type of diamond, and styling of the ring. It is advisable to start the ring search two-three months before the wedding. Being early gives you ample time for selecting wedding rings. If you want a custom wedding ring, make sure you have enough time prior to the wedding date.

Keep an eye on the budget!

An expensive diamond ring is famously known as the best choice but, it is not the only parameter. You can buy wedding rings that cost the earth or go for rings that are affordable yet classy. Setting up a budget helps to narrow down the ring selection and reduces confusion. Experts suggest that couples should keep around three percent of their total wedding budget in spare to buy couple wedding rings.

Know the cut, carat, and the diamond!

Once you have defined the budget, you need to zero down on the kind of diamond. Although diamonds have always been the best choice for wedding rings for women, the extensive varieties of these gems can confuse you like never before. Make up your mind about the kind of diamond, the cut of the gem, and the carat or quality of it. A well-cut diamond gives a stunning look to the ring. It has a strong sparkling effect that stays in one’s heart. So, never compromise on the cut and carat of the diamond.

Go for certified stone!

When you buy a diamond ring for wedding, always check for a quality certificate. A genuine jeweler will offer a certificate from the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America.

Choose the metal – Mixing up metals is in trend!

If the diamond is the crown of the ring then the metal band is the spine of the ring. It defines the durability, design, and styling of the ring. You can choose from a range of metals including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium, tungsten, and cobalt rings. Selecting wedding rings according to your lifestyle will help in the long run. For example, a fragile metal is not ideal for daily wear. Even very delicate rings may not last a lifetime so, select with a long-term vision. One of the top tips for choosing wedding rings in today’s day and age is to mix up the metals, which creates a trendy look. This works wonders for those who like to stay fashionable. Men can mix up all kinds of gold, be it white, yellow, or rose in one thick band, which looks classy yet suave.

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Be ready to try new types of ring settings!

The ring design you choose now will be worn for years. So, think out of the box, don’t rule out a trendy design for a classic metal ring. Spice up things by trying designs you didn’t imagine. You may end up choosing a ring that you can call a perfect wedding ring for me. Try rings with carving or text on it or maybe modish looking diamond ring, which has no signs of the run-of-the-mill rings. Just explore and experiment for a novel experience.

The correct ring size is a must!

Size plays an important role in selecting wedding rings. However, the size of the ring varies with different factors. Firstly, it changes with the kind of fit i.e. comfort fit or standard fit. A standard-fit ring has the same diameter across the band while comfort fit is curvy on the inside making the outer diameter slightly bigger than the inner one. Comfort fit is ideal when you buy wedding rings unless you like flat bands.

Consider maintenance while selecting wedding rings!

Maintenance is all about keeping the ring clean from dust. You can just put it in soap water, use a brush to remove the dirt, and wipe it with a clean cloth. Having said that, an intrinsically designed ring with cluster type ring settings can be difficult to clean. Plain bands are the easiest to maintain. As we wear marriage rings in all seasons and for years, choose low maintenance rings. Just choose wisely!

Check the ring profile!

Well, there is an array of wedding ring profiles, which are important considerations while buying wedding rings for couples. Depending on your personal taste, lifestyle, and convenience, you can choose the most suitable profile. If you are thinking about how to decide wedding rings, trying rings of different profiles would give a hands-on answer. Visit a genuine jeweler and try yourself. Full court is highly preferred by ladies while men’s choice for rings vary from flat, beveled, grooved to full-court profile.

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Top 10 Tips To Pick The Perfect Wedding Ring For Your Bae!

The custom ring design is an excellent alternative!

Instead of selecting wedding rings from a range offered by a jeweler, you can share the ideas to craft a new custom design. Although this is expensive, it is the call of the moment. You can actually plan out a never-seen-before ring design that gives away an exclusive feeling to the partner. For this, fix an appointment with the wedding ring designers, brainstorm the best possible band, which also fits in your budget. Just claim your love with a ring that is made only for your someone special.

To conclude, try these top tips for choosing your wedding rings. Both of you may even discover many new things about each other during the process of buying that perfect ring. Trust us, it’s worth every bit!

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