Engagement marks a beautiful moment in anyone’s life. It’s a promise to commitment and the point where life takes a turn towards harmony, love, and peace. So once you get ready to go down on the knee and pop THE question, there’s one thing you should clearly think through – the engagement ring! As simple as it may sound, buying an engagement ring for women is not just a checkmark you can tick off the list.

At Loveweddingbands, we have a nice collection of the most amazing designs. From diamonds to other precious gems, gold to platinum right up to those beautiful rose gold engagement rings, we have everything here under one roof.

But that’s not all, there’s so much about these engagement rings; the size, cost, metal, diamond cut, ring style, etc. that will only just add to the confusion.

However, with a little knowledge, you’ll be able to pick out nothing but the best for your soul mate.

Things You Should Know

When it comes to getting the love of your life a unique and classy ring, there’s not a second thought about it; the diamond is definitely going to get you that YES you’ve been dreaming about.

Round Vs Oval Diamonds

The shape is the first thing to consider when it comes to the selection of a diamond ring. While the solitaire may be rounded or oval or even square for the matter, the most trending rings these days are the classic round shaped diamonds. This is also due to the fact that rounded diamonds are incredibly shiny, bright and this makes the round engagement rings the perfect gift for the occasion.


It is the actual cut of the diamond that gives the ring the style and elegance of a solitaire. This, in turn, makes these unique engagement rings that are exquisite in their own way.

• You’ll find the Princess cut engagement rings that have an angular cut and geometric style and come with quite a slashed price tag.

• If you are more into vintage kinds, the round-edged, Cushion cut engagement rings are just the ones for you! • Other shapes you’ll find here at Loveweddingbands are the pear, marquise, heart, trillions, oval engagement rings, etc.

When it comes to cost, these are quite lower in price as compared to the rounded diamond and look unique and elegant, just like your future better-half.


The engagement ring is a promise; a look into the future. It’s more than just the solitaire or gem. That part shows off itself, but you also need to consider what lies underneath the precious stone. We have here the platinum, yellow gold and white gold engagement rings. Most of our clients prefer the Gold engagement rings as these are affordable, classy and look amazing.

We also have a range of the emerald and emerald cut engagement rings that are not just exquisite but can be customized in any design you like. It just takes a moment to turn it into a lifetime of happiness. Make each moment special with Loveweddingbands’s classic range of engagement rings. Check out our exclusive range right here.

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