Top 5 Trendiest Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings
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Top 5 Trendy Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

Symbolizing commitment and eternal love, the tradition of exchanging engagement rings is present for time unknown. Still, this beautiful ritual is as strong as ever, even in our modern world. The engagement ring in itself is metaphoric to a circle with no end, which is an apt representation of infinity just like the bond of marriage. Therefore it is one of the most loved keepsakes of a marriage. Also, apart from the emotional significance, that the rings behold, purchasing them is a great financial investment as well and therefore should be done wisely.

Nowadays, there are various options present in the market for different requirements. There are engagement rings for men, engagement rings for girls, specifically designed engagement rings for couples that compliment each other, engagement rings made of different kinds of metal like gold, platinum, etc. But the most essential of all is the design of engagement rings, especially engagement ring designs for females.

One of the most popular stones for most rings is diamond, and it is a well-established fact that the cut of the diamond plays a major role in selecting a perfect engagement ring. It is required to know the importance of different diamond cuts or shapes as each shape has its characteristics and each diamond cut will glisten and shine in its unique way. With all these factors, deciding about which ring to buy becomes a hectic job.

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Also to make a wise choice, some prior knowledge about diamonds is necessary. There are various options of diamond shape to choose from, which includes, round cut diamonds, radiant-cut diamonds, princess-cut diamonds, heart-shaped diamonds, oval-shaped diamonds,  rectangular diamonds, etc.

Now the question arises, which diamond shape would be the best for the engagement ring? Sometimes, people have their favorites. One can simply pick the diamond shape based on the personality of their partner. Other times, how we want the overall ring to look or how unique it should be can act as the deciding factor. 

Top Five Trendiest Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

1. Round-Cut Diamonds Round-Cut Diamonds Engagement Rings

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the round-cut diamond is the reigning stone when it comes to engagement rings. For classic engagement rings, they are the most quintessential shape. It is estimated that approximately 75% of engagement rings are made up of round cut diamonds. It is an excellent choice for engagement rings for men as well as for engagement ring designs for females, especially if they prefer a classic and timeless look. 

The round cut of the diamond amplifies its shine and gives exceptional sparkle, outshining all others. Consisting of 58 facets, it is optimized in a way to reflect most of the light.

 To find anything negative about these diamonds is hard, however, one downside that should be considered is, round-cut diamonds are pricey. However, if budget is not an issue, this shape is simply the best choice. 

2. Princess-Cut Diamond

Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement ring

The second most sought-after shape for engagement ring design is the princess-cut diamond. This cut has a quadrilateral outline, a square as the face-up shape which makes it a prime choice for an engagement ring of any design. 

This shape was approximately incepted in the 1960s as a simple yet elegant alternative to improve the net yield of polished diamonds. It provides a trendy and modern look along with a ton of sparkly luster, for which it is renowned. 

Although the brilliance of the diamond, in general, is most prominently displayed from the center, it is given distinct properties so that it sparkles from every corner of the diamond. Considering cost as a factor, this shape is generally less expensive than the more popular one, a round-cut diamond. 

The only downside of the square shape is its vulnerable, pointed corners that make the diamond chip at the corners or sometimes fall out. However, to avoid this, a protective setting is recommended. 

This shape is a perfect choice as the engagement ring for girls who are more drawn towards a trendy and fun-loving style.

3. Oval-Cut Diamonds

Cushion-Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

One of the most increasingly versatile diamond shapes is the oval cut diamond. Engagement ring designs that consist of an oval-shaped diamond, is now seeing a rapid surge in popularity. 

This shape is a modified, elongated version of a round-cut diamond, therefore, they share similar characteristics. This simply means that it can flaunt the fire, luster, and brilliance, similar to round-cut diamonds.

This stunning shape can be decidedly modern but at the same time legitimately retro or vintage based on the setting of the diamond. One advantage of going with these oblong shape diamonds for engagement rings is their elongated shape, which results in creating an illusion of a greater sized diamond. 

However, if the diamond is not cut properly, it tends to have a “bowtie” effect which is similar to a marquise-cut stone. The stone then tends to show some flaws and inclusions. To avoid it from becoming a part of the look, it is required to choose a salt-and-pepper oval-cut diamond.

Oval cut diamond containing rings are also a great choice for couples who aspires to the classic look of round-shaped diamonds but simultaneously desire something more distinctive and creative.

4. Cushion-Cut Diamonds

                                  Cushion-Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Also popularly known as pillow-cut diamonds, cushion-cut diamonds and known for providing a great deal of sophistication along with maximum brilliance and unmatched clarity. 

As these types of diamonds are very lustrous and sparkly, they hide inclusions. This particular feature of cushion-cut diamonds can be attributed to the round corners, as opposed to quadrilateral shape and enhanced facets which are provided during the cutting process. 

These stones are special as they are commonly seen with an old-mine facet pattern which was popular in the Edwardian and Victorian eras. These are now resurging in the markets again which can be a result of the resurgence of fashion trends in today’s world which are vintage-inspired.

 The cushion-cut diamond is unique to the round-cut diamond and at the same time, it is not as severe as the princess-cut stones that are squared off. Among all the available shapes of the diamond present, cushion-cuts have the largest amount of variations in their cutting style. 

Based on faceting structure, these stones can be broadly classified into antique styled, exhibiting “broad fire” type of scintillation or contemporary styled, which shows “crushed ice” appearance. In a way, these diamonds with this shape blend the past and present giving a style that is traditional yet modern in its distinct ways, making it timeless, yet fresh.

5. Emerald-Cut Diamonds

                           Emerald-Cut Diamonds Engagement Rings

When an enduring sophistication is desired, an Emerald-cut diamond is a go-to choice. In recent years, it gained significant popularity. Cut with rectangular, linear facets resembling a set of stairs, these stones give a striking aesthetic look with an effortless style and scintillation similar to the hall-of-mirrors style. Due to their cut style, the depths of these stones become easily visible.

Emerald-cut Diamonds are preferred to provide a minimalist look at the engagement ring for the couples. Its rectangular shape elongates the finger and the flattened edges overcome the downside of sharp-cornered princess-cut diamonds.  

The style of stone cutting was originally developed for emeralds(hence, the name). However, it was soon picked up by diamond cutters due to its success with emeralds. The linear rectangular facets of these diamonds make the diamond’s inclusions easily visible. Therefore,  a clarity grade of VS2 or higher is recommended for this kind of diamond shape to look eye-clean and white.

 engagement ring designs for female

  • To conclude, we can say that there are various diamond shapes available with pros and cons of their own. The choice regarding the shape is purely based on individual preference. The most exciting part about engagement rings today is no matter which diamond shape you choose to buy, there are amazing ways to make even the most traditional shape creative and unique. But to assure good quality, it is required to have the ring made by an expert.
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