How to Choose the Best Diamond Colour for Rose Gold Jewelry
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How to Choose the Best Diamond Colour for Rose Gold Jewelry?

If you love to stay stylish and wear trendy pieces of jewelry that make you glow on any occasion, rose gold jewelry is one of the best options. However, they can further enhance your look, especially when you pair them with the best diamond color. Yes, you read it with no mistakes. Diamonds are available in several colors, apparent from their usual transparent nature. Similarly, you can find diamonds in numerous shapes, cuts, quality, and purity. 

Most importantly, you have to choose diamonds for your ornaments based on the material and understanding that, through this article, we will take you on a journey that will help you discover the best color diamond for rose gold. 

So, without any further delays, let’s get right to it. 

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What are the Different Colors in the Diamond Color Chart? 

Before we focus on choosing a diamond for rose gold jewelry, we have to explore the different colors in the diamond color chart. Color grade diamonds play a pivotal role in determining their price and quality. For instance, if your diamond has a yellow shade, the price can be comparatively low. In a nutshell, the value of your diamond depends on the body color of the white diamond. If there aren’t any colors, its value will be higher. Now, let’s dive deeper into the details associated with the diamond color chart.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the oldest and largest independent organization that provides certifications based on color grades. However, there are other organizations like the American Gem Society (AGS) and Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD) Antwerp that act as trusted diamond grading laboratories.

Now, let’s look at the GIA color grade scale based on their diamond color chart:

  1. Colorless: This includes diamonds in three different color grades, including D, E, and F diamonds. These colorless diamonds work well with white gold and platinum. By the way, these are the best diamond colors and most precious forms of diamonds. 
  2. Near Colorless: Diamonds on this color grading scale have very minute traces of color. However, it won’t be that noticeable, especially when you pair them up with platinum or white gold. Here, it includes G, H, I, and J diamonds. Among them, the diamonds with the I and J grading have a higher value.
  3. Faint Color: These diamonds have a yellow tent and aren’t easily noticeable with naked eyes. They include K, L, and M diamonds. You can opt for these diamonds, especially when you purchase yellow gold, and their price is much lower than nearly colorless diamonds.
  4. Very Light Color: When it comes to the diamonds in this diamond color chart, they often have a yellow or brown tint. In addition, you can notice them easily because of their color shade. Since its value is lower than other diamonds, you can get them for a cheaper rate. Here, the diamonds are from the color range of N to R.
  5. Light Color: Well, these diamonds, as you can understand, have the most color, and you can notice the color difference easily when you place them next to a colorless white diamond. Similar to diamonds with very light color, their price is also less. By the way, the diamonds that fall under this category are in the color range of S to Z.

However, it would be challenging for you to detect the color of the diamond, especially because of the influence of environmental factors and the material used. But, in most cases, you can find this information about their grading and certification while purchasing your pieces of jewelry with diamonds.

What is the Best Color Diamond for Rose Gold?

As you would know, nowadays, you don’t have to stick to one color for gold. You can choose from white, yellow, or rose gold and decide if you would like 10k, 15k, or 18k gold. You also have the option to select the finishing for your piece of jewelry from a range of selections, including shiny, matte, and so forth.

Now, let’s get to the matter at hand, which is to find out the best color diamond for rose gold

It is best for you to choose near-colorless diamonds that include G, H, I, and J color grading. Rose gold with its romantic rosy texture. Whether you are shopping for rose gold necklaces or rings, it is best to opt for rings with near-colorless diamonds. Similarly here, it is integral to focus on the diamond cut as well. It is because this is a factor that can either make your piece of jewelry attractive or not.

Although you can consider choosing other diamonds, it is always best to stick to near-colorless diamonds for rose gold. Besides rose gold, white gold and platinum work the best for near-colorless diamonds.

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