How to Wear a Wedding Ring Defining Your Personal Style
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How to Wear a Wedding Ring: Defining Your Personal Style

A wedding ring acts as a symbol of love, affection, and commitment to your partner. While purchasing a wedding ring, you have to consider several factors, ranging from your budget to if it suits your personal style. Nowadays, things have changed and evolved a lot. Now, you don’t even have to step out of your comfort zone, which is our home for most of us, to purchase a wedding ring. You can do this from home with your partner as you relax from an online jeweler like Love Wedding Bands. 

Through this, you don’t have to worry about anything or go through any hassle even while exchanging your product or claiming your warranty. Well, these are all food for thought, and we will definitely focus on them sometime soon. But, here, we will concentrate on how you can wear your wedding ring. 

We will explore traditional ways to wear a wedding ring and also look into the right way to wear a wedding ring. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details.


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What is the Traditional Ways to Wear a Wedding Ring?

For centuries, women wear these wedding as well as engagement rings on their left ring finger. It is a tradition that has been there for several years, and the reason behind this is that most people wear their wedding rings on this finger because there is a vein that passes from this finger to the heart directly. Through this, you can bring your marriage and the affection you share with your partner to be close to your heart.

Sometimes, when you have your engagement ring on your ring finger, it can be challenging to add the wedding ring during the ceremony. Therefore, during the ceremony, you can put the engagement ring on your ring hand, and after the occasion, you can wear it back on your ring finger. By the way, this isn’t any particular tradition as it is a way through which you can make things easier on your big day. Here, you will have your engagement ring on top of the wedding ring.

But, as per the traditional ways of wearing a wedding ring, it is often considered that you have to wear your rings based on the order in which you received them. So, to put this in simple terms, you have to wear your engagement ring first and then your wedding ring as per this order. By the way, this method of wearing wedding rings is gaining popularity among many newlywed couples.

Well, this is the traditional way of wearing a wedding ring for women as women mostly have an engagement and wedding ring. When it comes to men, they only have the wedding ring. By the way, here you can take things to the next level by purchasing matching couple rings.

Men can wear their wedding rings only after their partner says ‘I do’ at the wedding. They can wear it on their left ring finger. But, unlike women, they can’t wear another ring, along with their wedding ring, on the same finger.

In a nutshell, these are the traditional ways to wear a wedding ring for men and women. However, these traditions might change based on geographic location, religious beliefs, and other factors.

What is the Right Way to Wear Wedding Rings?

Well, in simple terms, there is no straightjacket rule out there that says that you have to wear your wedding ring on the left ring finger. As you know, this is just the traditional way that several people have followed for wearing their wedding rings. But you can always go with your personal choice and wear your wedding ring on a finger that suits you. For some of you, you might find it difficult to manage your wedding rings on the left ring finger. It could be because of their work or the activities they participate in.

So, we can say that there is no one wrong or right way to wear wedding rings. If you have an engagement ring as well, it will be challenging for you to manage both of them on one finger. Here, this is best to consider your comfort and preference while wearing your ring. 

Now, let’s have a look at some of the best ways to wear your wedding rings:

  1. Ensure that your wedding ring fits you well. For that purpose, while purchasing your wedding ring, you have to take the measurements correctly. It is true that you can always replace them. But since it is your wedding ring, it is best for you to purchase a wedding ring that fits your correctly. You don’t want a wedding band that is too tight or loose.
  2. Make sure that your wedding ring is comfortable for you and that it suits your personal style. This means that if you are someone who likes to keep things simple or minimalist, it is best not to get a ring that is too extravagant or loud. 
  3. You have to cross-check that you don’t have any allergies to the material of the ring or the stone you plan to have in your ring.
  4. Do purchase a ring that stays within your budget. Therefore, it would be best to perform market research and understand the pricing before buying your wedding ring.
  5. While shopping for your wedding ring, make sure that you can wear it every day and its quality is good as you don’t want it to lose its shine with time.
  6. If you are religious or have a personal belief system, you can consider wearing your wedding ring according to it. There would be a traditional way to wear a wedding ring in your culture or religion, or beliefs.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, we can say that there is no right way to wear a wedding ring. It depends highly on your personal choice. By the way, you can consider the traditional way to wear a wedding ring if it aligns with your beliefs. Anyway, you can find the best-in-class wedding rings at Love Wedding Bands. So, hesitate no more and head to your exclusive wedding bands section.

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