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Top 7 Trending Real Diamond Jewelry Design You need to Know in 2020

With the arrival of the winter wedding season of 2020, we have covered the fresh Real Diamond Jewelry Design collection which is trending in 2020. All you need to restyle yourself for the upcoming wedding are a diamond pendant, trending finger rings, and diamond earrings. Wondering what might be the fashion trends in 2020? To be precise, 2020 is all about uniqueness, brightness, and bold. This year has witnessed lots of beautiful styles coming into trends. We have shortlisted the major diamond rings which will be most perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and other memorable occasions.

Most popular diamond rings for 2020

One major problem people face is selecting the right accessories for their big days. Accessories are of utmost importance as they can completely change your entire look. No matter how beautiful an outfit you are wearing, the right pair of accessories would accentuate your look. Hence, to make it easier for you to choose diamond rings of your choice, we have shortlisted the best Rings that are trending in 2020. Pick any of these of your wedding, engagement, or any other occasion, and get ready to sparkle!

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Minimalist Rings

Best Real Diamonds Minimalist rings, Top Real Diamonds Jewelry designs 2020

If you are looking for the perfect engagement diamond ring, choose a minimalistic ring, featuring sleek lines, clean and fewer facets. The most important point of an engagement ring is to stand out from the rest, symbolizing the love of two people. So, it has to the best. Minimalistic rings are usually diamond solitaires featuring a single diamond in the center. Sometimes these rings also feature a large central stone with two small ones on both sides. Whatever be it, solitaires are extremely elegant and beautiful. They also add a touch of refinement to your entire look. Besides being the perfect accessory for your engagement day, you can wear them at your wedding too.

Halo Rings

Designer Halo Rings, Best Real diamond Jewelry Designs

Another popular kind of engagement rings, the halo rings have been in tradition for years. However, the styles and designs have changed with time, ensuring that the rings become as stylish and prominent as ever. Halo rings usually feature a large diamond stone at the center, encircled by a ring of smaller diamonds. However, this is the basic design. One can avail of halo rings in a plethora of styles. If you are looking to create an extravagant, luxurious look, you can choose a halo ring having multiple diamonds. Small diamonds encircling the larger one would make the center diamond stand out. No matter which style and design you choose to buy, it would undoubtedly complement your engagement attire.

Three-Stone Rings

Trending Real Diamond Jewelry designs 2020, best Three Stone Rings

Looking for the perfect ring for your wedding day? Look no further than a classic solitaire. What can be a more romantic and elegant accessory than a solitaire wedding ring? The three stoned solitaire ring is a trending accessory which is sure to catch everyone’s attention on your big day. Single stoned solitaires are extremely common. Why don’t you pick up something out of the box? This three-stoned solitaire consists of a center diamond, surrounded by three smaller diamonds on three sides. It is said that these three diamonds symbolize the couple’s relationship. However, the three stones might also signify love, friendship, and fidelity.

Best Real Diamonds Jewelry Designs

Rose-Gold Rings

Best Rose Gold Real Diamond Rings, Trending Real Diamond Jewelry Designs

Considering their shine, sparkles and prominence, rose gold diamond rings are another option for brides. There’s more to this design other than the center stone. Rose gold rings are made from precious metals, so choosing a metal to go with can be a tough decision. Though people mostly for platinum, you can think something out of the box and add a little touch of color and brightness to the otherwise snow-white accessories. Combining the shade of yellow with a tinge of pink, your rose gold wedding ring would look unimaginably amazing. It would also complement whatsoever dress you choose to wear.

Stacked and Nested Rings

Best Stacked and Nested Rings, Top Trending Real Diamond Jewelry 2020

Though not as popular as the rest of the ring styles mentioned here, stacked and nested rings can be expected to grow in popularity in the years to follow. We believe that brides will tend to outgrow their choices and consider to spice up their look with stacks of sparkling diamond bands. These bands are classy yet elegant. No matter you choose to wear a diamond-accented, Cresent shaped or curved ring, nothing can beat the touch rendered by these accessories. Through these rings, you can rightfully express your individual style and taste.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Best Lab - Grown Real diamond Rings.

With time, even people have become advanced regarding their choices and taste. Earlier these advanced features and options weren’t available. But with changing times, people have become extremely informed and judgmental. As such they don’t support the traditional diamond market. That’s why they are preferring to buy lab-grown diamonds more. These diamonds are exactly identical to the ones that are mined from the earth. But what is most important is the fact that they don’t cause harm to the environment neither do they contribute to mineral waste. Even better, they cost less than naturally mined diamonds. No wonder, these diamonds are becoming a popular choice among women for engagement, wedding, and birthdays.

Fancy Shaped Eternity Bands

Designer Trending Real Diamonds Jewelry 2020, Best Fancy Eternity Bands.

Are you looking for a pleasant surprise for your friend’s birthday? What better gift can there be other than a glamorous and elegant eternity band? Featuring a sparkling row of diamonds, shining from every angle, eternity bands are now trending. These are some of the best birthday gifts you can consider for your loved ones! These are unique, luxurious, and elegant. Your friend is sure to love this amazing surprise.

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Wrapping Up

Diamonds are forever. So is your choice for your big day. So choose wisely. When it comes to buying a diamond ring, do consider the above-mentioned choices. They are trending and priceless. No better way can be there than expressing your love, and style with these unique ring designs.

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