Different Types of Matching Wedding Couple Rings
His and Her Wedding Bands

Different Types of Matching Wedding Couple Rings

His and hers couple wedding rings can be a wonderful way to tell the world that you are not only hitched, but also a team. Matching rings for couples might be exquisitely unique or very classic. This is your opportunity to begin thinking as a couple. You might want to think about the following:

How to match?

Matching wedding rings are considered identical by some couples, with the exception of finger size. Other couples may prefer to have the identical ring fashioned for the groom, but on a bigger scale to maintain the proportions. Some may regard a wedding ring to be matching if it is made of the same metal as the engagement ring. Are you both thinking of two-tone yellow gold or a white gold like platinum or palladium? Consider any skin allergies, lifestyle, sports, hobbies, and workplace before choosing your wedding ring metal. Other important considerations include the watch styles you favor and whether or not you have an engagement ring to match.

Now let us explore the most popular couple wedding ring sets available nowadays.

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Classic wedding bands

Matching wedding bands are a classic choice for couples. A basic thick ring crafted of gold vermeil, white gold, yellow gold, or sterling silver is used as a men’s wedding band. Women’s rings are generally created of the same materials as men’s rings, although they are thinner. Today, couples can pick from titanium, platinum, wood, and even carbon fiber for their wedding bands. This simple band can be paired with a bold engagement ring type like a halo or solitaire.

Eternity rings

An eternity ring is very significant and has long been a favorite option among brides. This ring has a diamond ring that wraps around the whole band. Instead of diamonds, you can select from a variety of gemstones.

Diamonds or gemstones on an eternity band can be embedded in a variety of settings, including as prong, pave, or channel. For a less spectacular and more economical choice, consider a half eternity ring. But before you place an order for matching rings for couples with eternity design, it is important to keep in mind that it would be difficult to adjust the ring size, if your finger size changes down the road.

Two halves’ rings

If you are looking for a beautiful couple’s wedding ring sets, then this might be a great option to consider. Rings that include two halves of a single design are not only visually appealing, but also demonstrate how incomplete you are without the other half. It might be a heart or anything else that represents your connection. You can also design your own ring set based on your preferences and tastes. These rings allow you to select your own metal and stones.

Pave Band

The word “pavé” means “to pave” in French. A pavé band is a metal band that has diamonds or other gemstones set into half of the ring.

This ring style for his and hers couple wedding rings is available in a variety of setting styles. A scalloped pavé diamond band, in which the diamonds or gemstones are set on a circular base, is a preferred choice because it minimizes visible metal and directs attention to the stones. For their pavé band, brides frequently choose a combination of gemstones and diamonds.

Twisted rings

Two twisted metal bands combine to make a beautiful pattern that represents a couple’s entwined existence. You can select two identical metal bands as couples wedding ring sets, with diamonds wrapped in gold vermeil, or you can spice it up with various metals or stones creating each band.

Curved rings

A curved ring is the best choice for you if you want to let your engagement ring sparkle. Different valuable metals and stones are used to create them. They’re slender and wishbone or V-shaped, so there’s plenty of room around your engagement ring. Brides who have a solitaire engagement ring or halo ring, whose centerpiece is a huge diamond or stone, might appreciate a simple curving ring to compliment it.

Stacking wedding rings

This is a style of eternal wedding bands that is also known as channel wedding rings. The distinction of these matching rings for couples is in the ring setting. The diamonds are set in a channel below the surface of the ring. You can also substitute other gemstones for diamonds or use a mixture of the two. A ring stack also allows you to experiment with multiple metals and stones when styling your rings. For example, if you have a basic white diamond and white gold ring set but want to go for a traditional look, you can mix in different metal hues or even colored stones.

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Engraved rings

Any of the above-mentioned styles could be used for an engraved ring. It is customized on the inside of the ring with a few letters or a phrase. These are extremely personal rings, with popular engravings like the wedding date, a meaningful date to the pair, the initials of each other’s names, and so on. Alternatively, you can carve your ring with a customized message or anything else that is meaningful to both of you in your relationship. You can utilize complementing engravings to have half of the message engraved on the wedding ring and the other half on the partner’s ring.

Themed rings

Couples that share a common unique interest or hobby can have rings designed to reflect that interest. You can choose from nature-inspired rings, vintage rings, or any other appropriate theme. The theme piece is usually set in the center of a plain gold vermeil or sterling silver band.

Marriage brings your lives together, and matching wedding bands are a great way to show off that bond. Both rings come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to create the ultimate matching set. With a plethora of options to choose from, you’re likely to find a design that suits you both, providing you a lifetime of delight. However, make sure to do your research before browsing online.

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