Different Types of Diamond Engagement Ring Styles
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Diamond Engagement Ring Styles You Should Know

Wedding planning is a demanding process and the bridegroom needs to pay attention to several things. Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your significant other is an important step in the planning. Rings are a symbol of commitment and love from traditional ages. The decision for selecting the engagement ring should be made well before the wedding as the process can be time-consuming. There is a wide range of styles available for engagement rings in the market which differ from one another in design and making. We have compiled a list of popular diamond engagement ring styles for your reference to ease your buying process.

Different Types of Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Determining the style for your engagement ring is crucial as it helps to select the ring conveniently. There is a variety of styles available which change the appearance of your ring effectively. We have included all the trending diamond engagement ring styles and settings in the list to help you make the best choice for your big day.

1. Halo Style

The halo style refers to the ring setting where small diamonds or other gemstones are set in a concentric circle pattern around the bigger stone at the center. This adds to the beauty of the center stone and the small stones enhance the design of the ring. This is an effective setting to save money and acquire a stunning ring without wasting the small stone. You can also select different colors for the gemstones to highlight the contrasts. This helps to shape out a creative design on the ring which suits well with all tones of fashion. The smaller stones hold the center diamond firmly at its place to prevent the risk of losing the stone.

Some examples of Halo style engagement rings:

  • Idaho Halo Engagement Ring
  • Ohio Halo Engagement Ring
  • Alabama Halo Engagement Ring
  • Vermont Halo Engagement Ring

2. Pave Style

The pave setting of the engagement ring features small diamonds paved into the ring to provide an effect of continuous sparkle. The design consists of making small holes all over the ring including the band and placing diamond stones inside the grooves held together firmly with prongs. The side stones prevent the diamond to get loose and fall off from the groove. The ring showcases a simple yet elegant look and adds to the impressions of the wearer. The pave style of engagement rings is very popular among women worldwide.

Some examples of Pave style engagement rings:

  • Vancouver Pave Set Engagement Ring
  • California Pave Set Engagement Ring
  • New Mexico Pave Set Engagement Ring
  • North Dakota Pave Set Engagement Ring

3. Solitaire Style

This is a well-known classic ring setting that consists of a metal claw called a prong at the center of the band to hold the diamond firmly. The arrangement can include either four or six prongs which can be round-shaped, pointed, or V-shaped depending on the choice of the customer. The solitaire style ensures the safety of the stone and allows minimum use of metal in the making of the ring. The placement of the diamond inside the claw helps to elevate and highlight the stone. This gives a seamless classic look to the ring and is the favorite style accepted by customers all over the world.

Some examples of Solitaire style engagement rings:

  • Gramercy Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Cincinnati Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Cleveland Heart Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Solitaire Maine Engagement Ring

4. Three Stone Style

The three-stone setting comprises rings that complement your style and fashion statement. They are currently among the trending sets of rings and can be worn to different sorts of events and gatherings. As the name suggests, the style consists of three diamonds which can be of the same size or varying sizes. The most seen type is the one with a single large stone and two small side stones which serve as protection for the center stone. The smaller stones can be selected from a variety of rubies, emeralds, diamonds, or sapphires. The three-stone style offers stunning pieces of jewelry that stand to be a great choice for engagement rings.

Examples of Three stone ring setting:

  • Pittsburgh Three Stone Engagement Ring
  • Minneapolis Three Stone Engagement Ring
  • Kansas City Three Stone Engagement Ring
  • New Orleans Three Stone Engagement Ring

5. Bezel Style

The bezel style is one of the most popular types of engagement ring settings. They feature an exquisite collection of rings with intricate design patterns. The rings consist of one center diamond surrounded by a rim of thin metal known as a bezel which holds the stone firmly and ensures its safety. This type of style provides greater support to the gemstone than the prongs setting. The rings showcased under the bezel style are loved by all the customers because of their modern look and low maintenance. It depends on the customer to include a complete bezel surrounding the stone or leave some sides open.

6. Bar Style

In the bar setting of engagement rings, diamonds or other gemstones are arranged separately on the band of the ring between vertical pieces of metals. The setting is done in a way that the sides of the stone are enclosed by metal rims leaving the top and bottom exposed which gives a unique and exotic look to the ring admired by people worldwide. The bar-style ensures focus on one large stone or gives divided attention to the different stones between vertical bars. This gives more visibility to the stones as there is relatively less use of metal and provides a vintage effect to the ring.

7. Flush Style

In this type of ring arrangement, a hole is drilled into the band of the ring and the diamond is placed inside the groove in such a way that the stone appears to be at the same level as the band. A thin metal rim is added around the hole to protect the stone and hold it firmly inside the groove. The flush setting or gypsy setting offers unique and stunning rings that are well-crafted, sleek, and elegant. The rings featured in this style ensure maximum safety for the stones as they are well protected by the metal rim kept in place. This is a brilliant option for people who wish to buy something different from traditional ring styles.

Diamond Engagement Ring Styles


The different styles and settings completely change the design and appearance of the ring. There are some traditional styles which have been in use for a long time and are still demanded by the customers. It is important for you to decide the style of the ring you want to buy as it helps you in choosing the perfect ring according to your taste and preference. We have included all the popular and unique engagement ring styles and designs to help you choose the perfect ring for your loved one.

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