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Best Engagement Ring Trends To Watch Out In 2020

The engagement ring is the ultimate symbol for proposing a lifetime of love and commitment. It is the first thing to conceive when you want to declare your love. The ring can actually add a new dimension to the relationship which makes it all the more important to select a ring that stands out from the ordinary gifts. It should be a ring with its own personality and fashion sense for your partner to wear it for a lifetime. It goes without saying that you need to be extremely prudent when you want to Buy Engagement Ring for your lady love.

Fashion keeps on changing with time and generation Z likes to keep things unconventional. This goes with the selection of promise rings as well. To gauge what would rule this year, let us check what the experts have to say about the kind of engagement ring trends to rule in 2020. Jewelry and fashion designers agree that proposal rings are going to be more unique, something with a personal sense of style. People are going to be more experimental rather than going with the classic round solitaires.

Wedding jewelry experts always advise that select a ring that speaks to you. As the modern woman tend to have everything with a touch of their individuality, so will be the engagement or wedding ring styles in 2020. Let us glance through some of the top trends of promise rings.

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Engagement ring trends in 2020 – Hear out the experts!!

Clean, neatly defined rings over intricate designs!

Wedding jewelry experts forecast that the year 2020 would witness elegant minimalism in terms of jewelry and engagement rings. The contemporary women carry the ‘less is more’ attitude with complete conviction. They tend to choose rings with more architectural features rather than extra ornamentation. As most of the working women like to wear rings that stand out but still remain subtle, rings in 2020 would display a subtle yet substantial attitude. The best example is Jennifer Lopez’s ring which an emerald cut diamond with an understated yet minimal look. Such clear cut designs give a solid message of modernism and are always easy to maintain, making them very popular with the modish women.

Three or more diamonds rings – The Meghan Markle effect!

Well, Meghan Markle has always been a trendsetter and she did it again with a novel choice of a wedding ring. Her ring has a big diamond in the center with two small diamonds around the central piece. The world has applauded her artistic but very comfortable choice of the ring, which is easy to wear yet has the classic royal charm to it. The Meghan Markle effect would be one of the most favorite engagement ring trends in 2020. However, as the strong, modern woman likes to do things her way, experts say that rings will have three or more diamonds aligned in a sleek manner. This year the ladies would like to flaunt rings with unique shapes neatly aligned into a linear fashion. Atypical shapes like square diamonds at the center surrounded by the same shaped stoned with decreasing size on the sides give a sensational look. Such rings are going to set the trend for wedding rings as well. So, if your lady love admires Meghan Markle, she would love to wear an elegant ring with three or more stones arranged into an exquisitely uniform manner.

Engagement Ring Trends for 2020

Will see a lot more of yellow gold in 2020!

Yellow gold has remained a timeless choice for jewelry but, was sidelined in the past couple of years due to the rising popularity of platinum, rose gold, and other precious metals. However, engagement rings in 2020 would see a lot more of yellow gold as the sun-colored metal adds more sparkling appearance to rings. Gold rings go exceptionally well not only with diamonds but are well suited for all kinds of colored gemstones. According to experts, yellow gold is making a startling come back this year. As people go experimental with accented diamonds and gemstones, yellow gold rings would be dominant this year.

Fancy cut diamonds would be preferred by the Gen Z lovers!

The classic round diamond has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, people choose vividly shaped stones with fancy cuts to declare their love. Young and confident girls can easily carry diverse rings without a slightest of hesitation. This rise in demand for unconventional rings is the emerging trend for engagement rings in 2020. Pear-shaped, oval, disc-shaped rings are attracting the younger generation like never before. Ascertain cuts look best in colored metal and stones, you would also find a range of rose gold and other rings this year.

Two stone or the You and Me rings will be a rage!

Toi et Moi is the french way of saying You and Me. Rings with two diamonds or gems are the latest in engagement ring trends of 2020. A You and Me ring with two diamonds mean two times shine and subtle promise of the two souls always staying together and around each other. It cannot go wrong for any proposal and therefore, the two stone rings are a unanimous choice of top jewelry experts. Many of them say that these rings would be trending in this year for the bespoke design to give the message of togetherness with utmost earnestness. Couples wanting to add a personal touch to the ring can go with different colored diamonds that resemble each other’s personality. Even you can choose separate shapes to reflect the two of your personality. When done with a good diamond, the rings look stunning, classy,  unique, and very very personal.

Colored stones, vivid shapes is the choice of this year!

Nowadays, people like to divert from the classic diamond. Therefore, Wedding Rings Designs and styles would find different colored stones with various shades of emerald, blue, pink, black diamonds with non-traditional shapes. A classic celebrity example is of Orlando Bloom who gifted Katy Perry with a flower-shaped ring having the red diamonds in the center surrounded by classic diamonds forming the petals. Moreover, it is going to be the year of vivid shapes! Oval, pear-shaped and geometric shapes of diamonds will flaunt the ring fingers this year!

Engagement Rings Trends for 2020, Best Engagement Rings

Lab diamonds for the environment-friendly people!

For couples having a heart for the environment and those who make conscious choices, lab diamonds will set the trend this year. Yes! As these gemstones are developed into labs with complete man-made technology and effort, they don’t require mining the earth’s crust. This leaves minimal impact on the planet and is best suited for couples with an environment-friendly approach towards life. 2020 engagement rings would see a lot more use of lab diamonds than ever before. How can this go wrong in any which way? So, make your promise ring full of love, even for the planet as well.

Stacked or nested rings to add some funk and style!

Experts believe that brides would spice up their engagement rings by choosing a nested arrangement or go with stacked rings. Even rings where two rings with smaller diamonds on the bands and joined with a bigger diamond in the center look cool, contemporary, and totally personal. Be it a crescent shape or other new form ways of molding the ring, the new age brides-to-be show deep interest in nested rings. Basically, 2020 is going to be a year of uniqueness and individualist designs and styles of wedding rings.

Solitaires with hidden halos and detailed side designs!

Those who always loved the single diamond rings would be seen experimenting with subtle details on the sides of the rings. Even huge halos that used to magnify the central diamond are now shifted to the circumference of the prongs giving a subtle yet new-age design to the ring. Such Secret Halos make way for elegant soft diamonds accentuating the effect of the central diamond. Those who love simplicity would like these rings with impressive details.

Unique and out of the box rings to rule this year!

Most designers claim that brides-to-be are more confident about their choices. They would choose things with a strong sense of individual style. Be it engagement rings or wedding gowns, they are going to raise the style quotient by adding their personal touch. A non-traditional approach with colored diamonds cut into unseen shapes and styled into settings that differ with the classic rings, is how the engagement rings of 2020 going to be. Having said that, fashion always chooses to define new norms and so, will the rings.

Final Word!

Well, if you are planning to buy an engagement ring for your lady love, make sure that both of you decide for the band. This would give both the clarity to choose the design of personal taste. It’s better to know the engagement ring trends to avoid as anything vintage would also be glamorized with personal style this year. Even people with classic taste would choose custom engagement rings that express one’s sense of style. For more on the latest wedding jewelry trends, keep checking our posts in 2020!!

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