Unique Mother's Day Rings That Will Make Mom Smile
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Unique Mother’s Day Rings That Will Make Your Mom Smile

Who doesn’t love to bring a smile to their mother’s face?

Well, as you are intenting to surprise your mom and make her happy this mother’s day, you have to select the perfect gift for her. And what more can be better than purchasing the best from an excellent collection of mother’s day rings? 

Understanding that, we have brought together some of the best rings for you to select for your mom right here. So, why waste time? Let’s dive into the conversation and help you pick a band or even find options for custom mother’s day rings.


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Antique Ring for Your Mom

Usually, antique rings are over a hundred years old, and it can be pretty challenging to find them. But, if you can, gifting an antique ring can be the center of a perfect surprise plan. Nonetheless, these rings can be expensive and require a lot of maintenance. If this works well with your budget, don’t hesitate to get one for your mom. However, it is best to take an expert’s opinion before investing in an antique ring. It is because several fake bands claim to be as antique. 

So, when you consult someone with a better understanding of antique jewelry, you can reduce the chances of getting scammed. Hence, you can choose from the best collection of mother’s day rings

However, if an antique ring, like the one from the Victorian era or the 1800s, is beyond your budget, you can purchase a vintage ring. If you are wondering what that is, we will get right into the matter in a second.

Vintage Rings for Your Mom

These rings have gained inspiration from different eras. Here, you can find rings that are a recreation of the designs and models from the past centuries. These rings are excellent options when you want to gift something antique, but they are beyond your budget. With vintage rings, your mom can adopt a classy and traditional look at an affordable price. For instance, vintage rings from the Georgian era often have floral or bow motifs. These rings come with gemstones as well. 

And the popular gemstones in them are diamond, topaz, and amethyst. Besides, these rings are available in several designs like Shideh and Ballard.

Another excellent option for vintage rings is models from the victorian era. Influenced by the Queen, these rings are from solitaire diamonds and are highly popular. Here are two designs you can consider. They are Alodia and Mignonette.

Cluster Rings with a Stone in the Center

These rings come with a stone at the center, and it is best to choose one with a diamond as the central stone. In these rings, there will be other stones surrounding them. Here, you can opt for diamonds or other gemstones available in different colors. Some of the options include emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc., 

When it comes to cluster rings, you can select mother’s day rings with three stones in them as well. However, you have to ensure that these rings have premium quality stones. 

Birthstone Rings as Mother’s Day Rings

Gifting birthstone rings are an excellent option for this mother’s day. Here, you benefit from the opportunity to choose from custom mother’s day rings. While buying birthstone rings, ensure that they are from metals like gold, platinum, or silver. As part of the mother’s day, you can select a ring with a gemstone that stands for your mother’s birth month. Through this, you can avail yourself of the perks of personalization. Each month of the year has a gemstone representing it. Here are some of the options to consider:

If your mom is born in February, you can opt for a ring with amethyst. If your mom’s birthday is in March, the birthstone you have to go for is Aquamarine. Well, if it is in April, you are lucky as you can gift your mom a diamond ring. 

Moving ahead, if your mom is born in September, then the stone you have to choose is sapphire. For August, it is peridot, and when it comes to November, it is citrine. Similarly, each month has a specific gemstone attached to it, and you can select the one based on your mom’s birth date. Another option you can try here is choosing one that stands for an auspicious month for your family.

Contemporary Rings to Step Out in Fashion

These rings come in sleek designs and are perfect if your mom loves to have trendy jewelry. These contemporary rings come with graceful curves and can even be minimalistic. By shopping for these mother’s day rings, you can bring in elements of subtlety with ease. These kinds of rings come with multiple stones on them. 

Here, you can select ones that have no stones on them as well for your mom. One of the popular designs you can try is the one that resembles a dolphin tail. 

Diamond Halo Rings to Add the Sparkle

Well, if your mom loves to add a bit of sparkle to her look, why not gift her a diamond halo ring?

These rings are glamourous and available in a variety of designs and styles. Here, you can opt for stones of different sizes and shapes. In these kinds of rings, there will be a stone in the center. Since it is a diamond halo ring, the stone will be diamond. 

There are other varieties of halo rings as well, where you can opt for colored gemstones in the central portion. Here, you can try customization and select from personalized mother’s day rings. Thus you can bring a smile to your favorite person’s face and let them flaunt the unique ring as well.

These are some of the mother’s day rings you can consider while selecting the perfect ring for your mom. By the way, you can shop for them online nowadays from leading online stores like Love Wedding Bands. So, don’t waste your time and head on to the store to select from the best. Click here to shop!

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