6 Brilliant Ideas to Re-Shine in Your Wedding Jewelry

6 Ways to Re-Shine Your Wedding Jewelry

People spend a lot of time and money in choosing and buying the perfect jewelry for their wedding. Most of the jewelry pieces sold in the market are quite expensive so it would be a shame not to wear the jewelry again. But it is commonly seen that women don’t get a chance to flaunt their wedding jewelry more than a few times. There are several reasons for this like the design getting outdated or the piece being too ethnic to wear to a casual event. We will show you ways to modify and re-use and re-shine your wedding jewelry to get a modern look and remember those times.

Tips and Ideas to Re-Shine your Wedding Jewelry

People often waste their wedding jewelry by not wearing them up to an extent that they get outdated or obsolete. The traditional and ethnic designs on the jewelry make it overwhelming for women to pull them off in casual gatherings. But with the help of a little creativity and imagination, you can change the look of your old jewelry to make it more suitable for modern taste. There are several ways to remodel old pieces of jewelry and create something new to wear in the future.

1. Change the way you wear the jewelry

Your old jewelry can still become the perfect partner for all the events and gatherings without having the need to buy new ones. You can reuse your wedding jewelry in innovative ways to get the feel of a unique and classy piece without spending a fortune. There are many ways to accomplish this, one of which is wearing the jewelry in a different way than it was intended to or worn previously by you. For example, you can use a brooch as a hairpin to tie up a bun which will provide a modern ethnic look and go well with casual as well as traditional outfits. A broken piece of a necklace can be used to create a stylish bracelet that can be worn with all types of clothing.

2. Refurbish old jewelry

This is a great way to ensure long and effective use of your wedding jewelry. You can follow some quick steps and make sure your jewelry is clean and shiny at home by yourself. Refurbishing old pieces of jewelry allows you to regain the sparkle and the glitter lost with time. There are different methods to refurbish your jewelry depending on the material and design.

For ornaments made with gold, you can use gold dust which can be acquired online or from any local jeweler’s store. You need to brush all the pieces of the jewelry with gold dust or place them in a mixture of gold dust and water. This will help to gain the shine of the ornaments and restore the original beauty. A stone enamel can be used in place of gold dust for stone-based jewelry items. It works the same way as gold items do but you need to be careful and not let it soak for too long or the mixture might dissolve some of the authentic colors.

For silver ornaments, use a mixture of sulfate water to clean and refurbish the items. Alternatively, you can also use lemon water or a strong toothpaste to brush the edges and grooves. To get your diamond polished, visit a nearby jeweler and he will be happy to do it for you. Do not take the risk of refurbishing diamond products by yourself as it may damage the stone which can lose its worth.

3. Combine two pieces of jewelry

Combining two different pieces of jewelry from separate sets can help you achieve some iconic looks which most of the latest ornaments lack. Bangles of varying colors and contrast go well together depending on the highlights of the outfit and the nature of the event you are attending. Mangalsutras can be combined with Maatha Pattis or necklaces to showcase an ethnic appearance with a slightly modern touch. Be creative and try to think of ways to match different jewels together and create something new. As long as you are comfortable with what you wear, there is no limit to the extent of reusing old wedding jewelry.

4. Maintenance of jewelry

Like any other thing, jewelry requires maintenance to ensure keeping it in a presentable condition. Most of the time, women abandon their wedding jewelry as they get deteriorated and damaged when stored for a long time. Taking care of the jewelry items is necessary to retain their sparkle and re-shine. There are several ways that can help you to maintain the jewelry. Polishing and cleaning the stones and bands regularly prevents any dust to stick to the surface and damage the density of the item. You can clean your ornaments at home or contact a local jeweler for the same. The place where you store the jewelry should be dust-free and safe from any infestations. This is important as the jewels can get damaged by tiny particles present in the storage and by the time the owner gets to know about it the boat has already sailed.

5. Share the love

A broken piece of jewelry can still be useful after some modifications and design changes. You can take the pieces and create something new that can be shared with your family members and loved ones. For example, the pearls from a broken necklace can be used to make earrings just by adding hooks. This recycles the jewelry and can be done easily by any professional jeweler in no time. The ring from your wedding can be divided into two halves to make matching pendants for you and your loved one. A little creativity and imagination can help you save lots of money and ensure the longevity of the old jewelry.

6. Seek professional assistance

You can visit a local jeweler’s store to discuss the possibilities for your wedding jewelry and brainstorm ideas for the creation of new items from it. Damaged gemstones from the jewelry can be replaced with new ones to get a refurbished model ready to be worn. The results of re-purposing an old ornament are magnificent and they lead to the creation of stunning new masterpieces.  Stones can also be removed from rings and necklaces to be placed in a new setting. This is a cost-efficient way to save the value of your old jewelry and acquire a new set at the same time.

Re-shine wedding jewelry

Final thoughts

Wedding jewelry is purchased with lots of thought and attention. From time to time, you need to polish and clean the items in order to retain their status. We have provided a step-by-step guide to re-shine wedding jewelry and save them from getting damaged and wasted. There are tons of ways by which you can reuse old jewelry. Being creative and thinking of different styles that is suitable for your needs will help you to re-shine in your wedding jewelry.

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