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7 Most Sensational Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

As we have known that the engagement ceremony is one of the most auspicious pre-wedding ceremonies. This is the occasion where couples exchange celebrity engagement rings in order to tie together in a bond of love. But when it comes to the engagement ceremony of our favorite celebrities, the excitement is even more. A celebrity is a person who can also be considered as a very popular artist who performs his or her talent on a global platform and is known for his talent. There is a lot of celebrity engagement that happened all around the corner, which has got the entire world all hyped up. There have been a lot of celebrity engagements Rings, which have been all glorifying to the human eyes. People look up to these celebrity engagements. 

What makes these celebrity engagements so eye Catchy? 

Many things which actually make the celebrity engagement much special. There are many factors that actually add up to the beauty of celebrity engagement, such as beautiful decor, unique engagement rings, which are also known as unique celebrity engagement rings or celebrity Wedding rings. These unique celebrity engagement rings are extremely beautiful to the eyes for which a lot of people get inspired and purchase celebrity-inspired engagement rings which are actually a copy or replica of the original unique celebrity engagement rings. There are many trending engagement rings in the world that are actually taken inspiration from celebrity’s engagement. 

celebrity engagement rings

Which Celebrity’s Engagement truly was spectacular?

1. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is one of the most looked up artists in the field of music in today’s world. She has a truly magical voice, which has created a lot of fanbases all around the world. After dating Max Erich publicly for nearly four months, Demi Lovato has announced her engagement over her Instagram account.

one of the most beautiful celebrity engagement rings 2020 was given by Max to Demi when he decided to propose on a beautiful beachside. They had the unique celebrity engagement rings, as it was a very glamorous gemstone. This engagement ring can be considered to be one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings. It nearly costs somewhere around 1 million dollars.

Diamond wedding rings

2. Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham

One of the most famous celebrities who is the son of legendary soccer player David Beckham and fashion designer Victoria Beckham is their Son Brooklyn Beckham. Brooklyn took it to an Instagram post about how beautiful his journey was with the newly announced model and actress Nicola Peltz. Though he is still just 21 years old, he was ready to get engaged with the love of his life, and it created one of the most beautiful memories of the year. They had one of the most beautiful celebrity engagement rings. It was a very beautiful and unique celebrity engagement ring, which was actually made from a 5carat emerald cut diamond. This was also included in the list of one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Diamonds Engagement rings

3. Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice is actually one of the most looked up celebrities in the year 2020 because of beautiful looks and admirable personality. She was dating real estate developer Edoardo mapelli mozzi for nearly a year until he decided to propose to Beatrice. This news was on the headlines for a lot of time as this news came out via Buckingham Palace.

Mappeli develops this beautiful ring by working with one of the best British jewelry designers, Shaun Leane. This was one of the unique celebrity engagement rings and had a beautiful Outlook and was made from platinum and diamond. It was one of the best engagement rings in 2020, and they were all set for the marriage, but the coronavirus pandemic had different plans for them.

celebrity engagement rings 2020

4. Serena Williams

Who does not admire Serena Williams because of your skills and personality? Her engagement was one of the hotspot news all around the world in the year 2016. She was one of the most looked up tennis players in the female category, and her engagement was one of the most wished ceremonies of that year. Engagement with the co-owner of Reddit Alexis Ohanian in the month of December 2016. He proposed to Serena with a beautiful 10-carat emerald cut diamond ring, which was considered as one of the most unique celebrity engagement rings with one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Serena Williams’ ring was so beautiful that a lot of jewelers actually copied the design of a ring, and the celebrity inspired engagement ring was one of the Most trending engagement rings of that year.

trending engagement rings

5. Sophie Turner

The engagement of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas was one of the biggest of the year 2017. Joe had taken the platform and proposed to Sophie with beautiful sparkling tears shaped diamond ring. This is one of the most spectacular and unique engagement rings, and it was also considered as one of the most expensive engagement rings. When the couple married in 2019, a lot of jewelry designers actually copied the design of Sophie’s ring and made a lot of celebrity inspired engagement rings, which were considered as trending engagement rings of the year 2019. 

unique engagement rings,

6. Chrissy Teigen and john legend

The engagement of one of the hottest selling music artists of the world, John legend, truly left the world in shock. John announces engagement with Chrissy Teigen in the year 2011. John had proposed crazy with a beautiful cushion cut diamond engagement ring, which was considered as one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings of the year. The ring is very beautiful and is also known as one of the unique celebrity engagement rings.

celebrity engagement rings.

7. Jennifer Lopez

The famous music artist Jennifer Lopez finally found her life partner in the year 2019 in the form of Alex Rodriguez. Their engagement was truly one of the biggest news in the year 2019 as Alexander proposed to Jennifer with a stunning emerald cut engagement ring, which is somewhat around 15 carats in size. It is considered to be the most expensive celebrity ring ever, and its design is truly spectacular. The design of the ring makes it one of the most beautiful celebrity engagement rings that has ever been made.

unique engagement rings, trending engagement rings

Celebrities are truly loved by each and every person around the world. Their Engagement has not been great news for them but also for their fans. The celebrity Ascher cut engagement ring was the most expensive celebrity ring of all time, and it truly created the magic of its own when it came to light.

Glamour was just at its peak

 The engagement ceremony of celebrities all around The World and not just occasions for the celebrities were also for their fans. It is very obvious that the celebrities would have executed one of the most royal engagement ceremonies beauty and glamour was at its highest peak.

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