How to Match an Engagement Ring and A Wedding Ring
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How to Match an Engagement Ring and A Wedding Ring?

It certainly seems like a huge weight off your shoulders once your ideal engagement ring is sitting pretty on your finger—one it’s a less extremely essential item you can cross off your to-do list! But the ring search isn’t over yet: you’ll need to select matching wedding rings that complement your engagement ring.

It’s not always easy to match your engagement ring to your wedding band. You’ve become accustomed to wearing the ideal engagement ring on your left hand. For some brides-to-be, the prospect of adding another ring to their collection might be distressing.

What if your new wedding band draws attention away from your old one? What if it doesn’t appear exactly like you want it to as a whole? And, of course, what if your engagement ring is one-of-a-kind? What do you do first? How to choose an engagement and wedding ring set?

From modern and eccentric ring settings to distinctly shaped diamonds, we’ve seen it all when it comes to matching engagement rings. We’ve also seen how any engagement ring can be properly paired with an engagement ring. We pledge that no matter how unique your ring is, it can be made, and we’re here to show you how.

If you’re trying to figure out how to match that one-of-a-kind engagement ring, read through our practical tips that would help you make the right choice.

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Consider the width of ring

The primary rule of matching engagement rings to your wedding band is that it should be of identical width. This gives the two rings a symmetrical and identical appearance. Yet, in some cases, this can be difficult.

Some engagement rings, for example, taper as the metal band gets shorter as it gets closer to the gemstones. Others may vary in width depending on the design. Choose a wedding ring that is the same width as the sides of the engagement ring in these circumstances. Between the two rings, this provides a sense of symmetry and elegance.

Consider the metal

The precious metal of your wedding band does not have to match the precious metal of your engagement ring. A whimsical, eclectic aesthetic can be achieved by combining two different metals. Rose gold and white gold, for example, go well together. Most people, on the other hand, like to choose metals that are similar.

The most common choice for both rings is the same metal, as this gives a charming look and appears well-coordinated. Both rings will be comfortable to wear and will accentuate one another. Mixing and matching metals, on the other hand, can provide an interesting contrast This gives each ring a unique look that is both current and stylish. You can even add anniversary rings as the years pass.

While the metals you choose are based on your choices, be sure they are sturdy. Also, make sure that both rings are made of metals with similar hardness.

Consider the shank 

Looking at the shank of your engagement ring might often be the easiest way to match your wedding band to your engagement ring. Your engagement ring’s base is the band that wraps around your finger. If your engagement ring has diamonds on the base, a diamond wedding band will complete the look. A basic engagement ring shank will also look great with a plain wedding ring. Alternatively, if your engagement ring has an engraved band, look for a wedding band with the same engraving.

Understand how the diamonds in your engagement ring are placed if it has a diamond band. This will assist you in narrowing down your choices for a lovely wedding band. Your engagement ring will appear finest when paired with a diamond wedding band in the matching setting pattern.

Now let us take a look at some of the most popular wedding ring styles.

Gold or Platinum wedding band

A plain gold or platinum band is always a classic choice. It compliments a solitary ring and offers a full aesthetic while keeping the emphasis on the main center stone. Gold or platinum bands are also an excellent choice for people who sometimes wish to wear their wedding rings alone. Those who work with their hands don’t have to worry about gems knocking out or flapping and snacking in your gloves for people. A gold band will never go away and stay with you for the coming anniversaries and years to come.

Diamond rings 

Another popular classic style is the diamond band, which may be worn with practically any ring. These styles differ in size, the length of the diamonds on the band, and whether the diamonds are prong set or channel set. Both diamond and solitaire engagement rings look great with a straight diamond band. Start with the band selections whose diamonds roughly match your engagement ring’s diamonds if your engagement ring has diamonds down the sides. It will give you a fair notion of whether you want to add a little extra glitz or tone it down.

Begin with the smaller diamond wedding rings and work your way up if you’re matching a solitaire with a diamond wedding band. The diamonds will stand out against the plain gold or platinum solitaire in a classic way. Test on a couple different styles to determine how much focus you want to place on the wedding band. If you want to keep it modest, choose a smaller band, or go for a higher carat weight (0.5 carat or more) to draw focus to the wedding band.

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Stacking rings

For a long time, layering styles have been growing in popularity, and with good cause. One might not be enough once you begin, with everything from marquise with intricate milgrain to braided bands. If you’re looking for a stacking design to complement your diamond pave engagement ring opt for the one with a contrasting diamond shape, such as the alternating marquise and round one below. It will serve to showcase your wedding and engagement ring set. Another fantastic method to create a unique yet coherent design for your wedding set is to mix and match metals. Create a stylish and unique wedding set by combining a rose gold stacking ring with a white gold or platinum band.

Bridal sets

Bridal sets consist of an engagement ring and a wedding band that are purchased as a combo. They fit flawlessly in style and design, making your appearance coherent and fully comfortable. They’re also a great method to save money, as they can cost up to 40% less than buying the two rings separately.

Whether it is about shopping for matching engagement rings or matching wedding rings, you should enjoy the process. After all, it is to celebrate the most special moment in your life. So be creative, enjoy yourself and ensure that both rings contribute their own unique aspect into the other.

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