How to Buy Engagement Rings for Your Girlfriend
Engagement Rings

How to Buy Engagement Rings for Your Girlfriend?

Found your soulmate? Yes. Seek blessings from her parents for the marriage? Yes. Plan the perfect proposal? Yes. Buy an engagement ring that she will love? Hmmm. We understand that buying unique engagement ring sets can be an overwhelming task, especially since you have a lot of pressure on this purchase. After all, it is the token of love that would convey your feelings and commitment to your partner. Moreover, it would be also the ring that she will show off to the rest of the world, isn’t it?

For many men, the purchase of engagement rings online or in-store would be a first experience in the glamorous world of jewelry.  When they walk into a jewelry store or start browsing through the online stores, they would be blown away by the multitude of choices available. So, we have hereby compiled a simple guideline that would help you pick the most beautiful and stylish engagement rings that your girlfriend will flip over. So, let’s get down to it.

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Set a feasible budget

You may have heard that a man’s engagement ring should cost two months’ income. This is a sham. Going into serious debt, on the other hand, isn’t exactly romantic. Purchase the most beautiful ring you can afford or else you can go for a handmade diamond engagement ring too. In the end, it’s not about how much money you spend on an engagement ring; it’s about how much thought you put into it. Many ladies would prefer that you start your life together debt-free or spend the money on a romantic honeymoon rather than squandering all of your savings on some rock.

If you want to propose to your girlfriend, don’t put it off because you can’t afford a better ring. The ring is intended to be a sign of your love, and what does it say about your love if you’re prepared to put off getting married in order to get a nicer ring? A simple ring will serve as a reminder of those difficult times when you were both young. You can always get her a finer ring as an anniversary present in the future.

Surprise her

In most cases, men visit the jewelry store along with their partner to select and buy stylish engagement rings. While allowing your future wife to choose the ring she wants will assure that it fits and appeals to her, you will be missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to demonstrate your thoughtfulness and romanticism. Imagine your girlfriend’s amazement when you propose to her, the ring fits perfectly, and the ring you choose is precisely what she desires.

If you can pull off this trifecta of shocks, your girlfriend’s peer group will be envious, your future mother-in-law will remark you’re a catch, and guys surrounding you will secretly appreciate your feat. Don’t you just feel awesome?  It will take some effort to keep the engagement ring a surprise, but it will be well worthwhile.

This isn’t to argue that surprising her is always the best option. Some women will insist on accompanying you to the jewelry store to choose the ring. What would be the best option then? Simply do what you and your girlfriend believe is the best option.

Get her ring size right

This is where a lot of men go wrong with their purchases. They’ll choose the right ring, but it’ll be the wrong size. When they plan their proposal to the smallest detail, get down on one knee and try to place the ring on their partner’s finger, it doesn’t fit. Then the situation becomes awkward and your moment is ruined.

It’s not the end of the world if you order the wrong ring size. All you have to do now is return the ring to the jeweler and pay a little more money to have it correctly fitted. However, it’s preferable to save money and avoid humiliation when it comes to proposing by making sure the ring you choose is the proper size.

The simplest way to figure out your girlfriend’s ring size is to find a band she doesn’t wear and have it measured at a jeweler. You’ll have to be stealthy about this if you want to keep the surprise element. Take a ring from her jewelry box while she’s getting ready, or seek the help of friends or sister to pocket a ring. Try swiping a ring she doesn’t wear often; she’ll be less likely to notice if it’s missing.

Know her style preferences

You should select a ring that complements your woman’s individual style and personality. Getting her a ring she adores will get you points in the romance department that will last a lifetime.

Because of the secrecy surrounding the engagement proposal, you’ll have to channel your inner detective for this research. Keep an eye out for your girlfriend’s jewelry when you’re with her. Is there a lot of gold on her? Maybe she’s a woman of silver or platinum. Perhaps she prefers a certain stone she wears frequently, such as her birthstone, to a diamond. Is she a fan of subtle, minimalist pieces? Or does she prefer the opulent, glittery kind? Consider her personality: is she a social butterfly who will want to show off her ring to everyone she meets? Then opt for a huge, glittery piece. Is she a natural-looking woman who doesn’t wear much jewelry? Look for unique engagement ring sets that are both basic and elegant.

Select the ring band

The band of handmade diamond engagement rings can be made of a number of metals. Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and silver are the most popular. You can even mix and match multiple metals.

Each metal has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Platinum, for example, is a very robust metal that will last a long period. Although, it dulls considerably more quickly than gold and is more difficult to restore to its original sheen.

Gold, on the other hand, is brighter than platinum, and because it’s a soft metal, buffing and polishing it to restore its original brilliance is easier. The benefit of gold over platinum is equally its disadvantage. Gold corrodes more quickly than other metals because it is a soft metal. The engagement ring may need to be re-shanked in 15 to 20 years if it has become too thin.

While you may be concerned with the engagement ring band’s longevity, your future wife is likely more concerned with its appearance. Silver-colored engagement rings are the most fashionable right now. If your girlfriend follows the newest fashion trends, a platinum or white gold ring is the way to go. Choose a simple yellow gold band if she prefers a more classic design.

Surprise her with the perfect engagement rings

Know the 4 Cs

So you’ve decided on a band. Now we’ll talk about the diamond, which is the center of most stylish engagement rings. Buying engagement rings online or instore can be stressful for many guys, but by doing a bit of homework, you can walk out of a jewelry store with a stone that your girlfriend will love.

You should consider the “4 C’s” while choosing a diamond: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The diamond’s quality and price are determined by all four of these variables. The cut of a diamond refers to the angles and proportions of the stone rather than its shape. A well-cut diamond reflects light from one edge to the next and then projects it through the stone’s apex. Cut is the most significant of all the four Cs. If the cut isn’t right, the diamond won’t have the flaming brilliance, even if the color, clarity, and carat are all excellent.

Diamonds come in a range of colors, much to the surprise of many men. The color of a diamond is rated on a scale of D (colorless) to Z (colorful) (light yellow). Diamonds that are truly colorless are the rarest and most valuable. The most preferred diamond hue is white.

When it comes to clarity is graded on a scale. The fewer flaws in a diamond, the clearer it is, and hence the more costly it is.  SI1 and SI2 are marginally included, although the flaw will not be seen to the human eye. When inspecting a diamond, watch for imperfections on the top and center, as they might affect light dispersion, making the diamond less sparkling.

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. The greater the weight of the stone, the higher the price. However, there is no need to get overly fixated about carat weight. A competent jeweler may make a diamond look bigger than its carat weight by properly mounting and contouring it.

Pick the right setting

Whether you’re planning to create a handmade diamond engagement ring or picking from a list of possibilities, deciding on a ring setting might be difficult. Majority of girls already have an ideal ring setting in mind. Have a casual chat with her to see if she has any thoughts. Some of the popular options include prong, pavé, halo, bezel, channel, tiffany, infinity and more. Do think about the pros and cons of each setting before making a final choice.

So, now that you have read through the tips, you might have realized that purchasing an engagement ring online or in-store does not have to be time-consuming or stressful. Keep her preferences and character in mind before finalizing! – and you’ll be fine.

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