How to Choose a Wedding Ring that Match with Her Personality
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How to Choose a Wedding Ring that Match with Her Personality?

In contrast to most other jewelry items, you rarely take off your wedding ring, isn’t it? Once the sparkler is on your finger, you will be wearing it every day for years to come. Hence, it is crucial that it fits your personality and lifestyle. Each bride has her own style, personality, and aesthetics of its own. So she needs a ring as unique as her, don’t you think? If you are wondering how to pick the perfect wedding ring for your soulmate, then let us help you out.

Our experts have come up with a few guidelines and tips that would ease your search efforts and make the right choice. Go ahead and start reading.

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Let us start with the centerpiece of unique wedding rings.

  1. Colorless diamonds are a classic, beautiful, and overflowing choice for wedding rings. If she prefers the classic style, a ring set with a magnificent white diamond is a sure option that won’t let her down.
  2. Our most strong emotions are represented by the color red: love, fury, and passion. It’s a color that conjures up images of power and desire, such as fast vehicles and roses. Rubies were cherished in ancient cultures because of their resemblance to the blood that flowed through their veins, and they were thought to have the power of life. The scarlet ruby is a seductive, opulent choice for the woman with a passion for life.
  3. Blue sapphires have been worn by royalty throughout history, including Princess Diana and Elizabeth Taylor. The sapphire is supposed to represent grandeur, trust, and loyalty, making it an excellent option for the lady who has always seen herself as a princess with her own happily ever after.
  4. Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are known as “cardinal gems,” because they are the most valuable of all gemstones. Their high Mohs Hardness Scale scores and luxury status make them perfect for once-in-a-lifetime diamonds like engagement rings. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to white, red, and blue for the matching wedding bands.

Now let us check out the options based on her personality.

For the Romantic

Does your girl loves to watch classic romance movies? Does she dream about eternal love, fairy tale love stories and soul mates? Then consider vintage rings or small, thin bands to accentuate her delicate fingers. Solitaire diamond engagement rings are sometimes the most romantic, but they can also be dressed up with a diamond trail around the band. Round-cut diamonds or jewels have a timeless appeal that complements a wide range of bands and settings. A romantic ring is lovely and elegant, yet it should not detract from the radiant bride. Her innate beauty and love are what make her stand out; the ring is just a lovely extra.

For the fashion diva

If your woman is always keen on catching up with the current fashion trends, upgrading her wardrobe frequently, and shopping the latest fashions on the weekends, she might be the ideal candidate for a stylish wedding ring. An emerald-cut diamond makes a bold statement and is a terrific trend-setter wedding ring. The square shape with rounded corners pops out on almost any finger and has a unique style that a diva would be proud to flaunt.

This is also an excellent time to go with a one-of-a-kind band, such as a twisted or braided style that will make the entire setting shine. With the added glimmer of diamonds on the ring, a broader band can also make a striking statement and catch everyone’s eyes.

For the working professional

Brides who are busy, or who work in occupations such as healthcare or early education need a wedding ring that can resist damage. It is preferable to avoid rings with a high setting. Rather, try the setting of a bezel. The ring is held in place by this kind of setting with a sleek metal ring. The channel setting is also suitable for this purpose for the accent diamonds down the band.

Consider selecting a ring made of platinum if you think your wedding ring could get very wear and tear owing to your lifestyle or work. It appears like white gold, but is tougher and longer lasting.

For the Sportsperson

Even a woman who enjoys working up a sweat enjoys cleaning up and looking gorgeous. For the athlete, a marquise-cut ring can be a lovely option. When it comes to wedding planning, the athletic woman usually favors simple yet exquisite touches, thus the marquise cut is a perfect addition. Athletes are frequently motivated by quality and pride, striving to improve in their sport and carefully selecting the individuals with whom they associate. Don’t be stingy with your money or second-guess your decision. Make certain the ring speaks to you and reflects your feelings for your fiancée.

For Adventure lover

A ring can unlock some of your most treasured memories, including those of going on an adventure with your friends or loved ones. The cut of your huge diamond determines how beautiful your rings are for a daring bride. Consider experimenting with Emerald or Oval cuts. When you look down at your hand, they’ll remind you of times when you were one with the planet, and they’ll keep you yearning for adventure.

For People person

Majority of the newly wed ladies are ecstatic to show off their gleaming engagement ring as soon as it is placed on their finger. This will be especially true for the woman who is a social butterfly. As soon as she has the chance, she’ll be contacting her buddies, sending pictures, and exhibiting her extended palm to colleagues.

A woman of that social status needs a show-stopper ring. Consider a two-tone band or a one-of-a-kind design that will keep her talking about her ring for months. Consider a band with a blend of classical and original elements. A twisted band or several lesser diamonds encircling the main diamond may be a nice touch.

For the minimalist

The sleek design of emerald or princess cut diamonds are popular among minimalists who desire pared-back sophistication with a modern touch. One of the rarer diamond forms, the rectangular emerald cut boasts a bigger surface area than a round cut. The famous princess cut is another appealing option for followers of contemporary style. The square brilliant cut is the second most brilliant diamond form after the round brilliant cut.

Consider a channel setting for accent diamonds to stay with the sleek modern aesthetic. The smaller stones are positioned inside the band, filling a ‘channel’ within the premium metal giving this setting a subtle glitter.

There’s no need to follow the rules — perfect wedding rings don’t have to be adorned with diamonds or be a specific cut. Choose what works best for you with your heart; your instincts will not let you down!

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