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Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring Buying Guide: Find the Perfect Match

Wedding rings signify the beginning of a new phase in a couple’s life. The traditional wedding ring has developed over time to become what it is today. Wedding rings are still entrenched in traditions even if they tend to have a modern design. There’s no denying that they’re a lovely symbol of love, but shopping for unique wedding rings for women and men can be intimidating. If you have been looking for women’s or men’s diamond wedding rings, then we have put together a simple guide to make the right decision and buy wedding rings that last a lifetime.

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Wedding Rings – Symbolism

A wedding band is a precious metal ring that is exchanged between two individuals during their wedding ceremony. The appearance and weight of men’s and women’s wedding bands differ slightly. Both are often made of precious metal and have a basic design. His and hers matching wedding rings can also be diamond-encrusted or fashioned to fit with an engagement ring. Wear your engagement ring on the fourth finger of your left hand when you’re betrothed. When getting married, the wedding ring should be placed first, so it is closest to the heart, preceded by the engagement ring.

Why Are Wedding Rings Circular? 

A wedding band is circular not just to fit the finger, but also to represent eternity, as it has no beginning and no end. It depicts everlasting love between a pair because it is never-ending, exactly like a circle.

Set A Feasible Budget 

When looking for unique wedding rings for women or men, it’s critical to set a budget limit and stick to it. This will not only help you pick a wedding band within your budget, but it will also help you avert disappointment. If you go into a jewelry store without a budget in mind, you can wind up falling in love with something that is much out of your price range.

So, make sure to decide your budget before you even begin your search. Then, when working with your jeweler or searching online, be honest and forthright about what it is. It is feasible to obtain your dream wedding band while staying within your budget. And don’t believe that since you’re on a budget, you can’t go with a personalized choice you adore. It’s a frequent myth that creating your own wedding band from scratch can break your bank. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a jeweler and ask about the cost of creating a customized wedding ring for you.

Start Your Search Early

In general, there is no specific rule on when to start shopping for his and hers matching wedding rings. However, keep in mind that if your chosen ring is to be etched or manufactured to order, there will be a lead time of up to a few weeks. If that’s the case, it’s ideal to be informed and select your bands before the final rush before the big day.

If you are near the wedding date and you are pressed for time to decide, it’s still worth checking around and visiting your local jewelry store to see your alternatives in person.

Consider Your Style and Personality

Consider what jewelry you already own and what jewelry catches your eye when you’re out shopping. Are you a fan of white gold or yellow gold? Do you have a preference for one cut of diamond over another? Is your personal style more fashionable and modern, or more conventional and timeless? Examine your current jewelry collection and utilize this knowledge to help define your personal style. Whether you are searching for women’s or men’s diamond wedding rings, select something that reflects you because these pieces genuinely become a part of you.

Do think about your lifestyle too. Because a wedding ring is intended to be worn every day, comfort is an especially essential consideration when determining what is best for you. We suggest avoiding rings that are uncomfortable and force you to remove them, as it would increase the chances of losing the rings. If you maintain an active lifestyle, we propose a wedding band that is simple and made of strong, long-lasting metal, without a gemstone or engravings. Because your wedding band will be worn on a regular basis, it should not interfere with your everyday activities.

Match It or Not

It is entirely up to your particular style and tastes; however, couples may opt to match their wedding bands in terms of shape, thickness, or metal. We propose speaking with your partner to figure out whether you want to match or go your own way. In our experience, couples tend to match on one or two characteristics of the ring (such as metal or style), but the choice is entirely yours. Majority of the leading jewelry stores can provide you with an amazing range of his and hers matching wedding rings

Choose The Metal

When it comes to selecting unique wedding rings for women or men, the metal used can influence the aesthetic and durability of the band. Precious metals such as gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and titanium each have unique properties. Yellow gold is a popular pick for brides and grooms-to-be. In general, 22ct gold is too delicate to wear every day, so opt for an 18ct, 14ct, or 9ct gold wedding ring instead. These rings are made of tougher metals and are better suited to the hustle and bustle of life.

White gold is plated with a white metal called rhodium, which conceals the yellowish tones caused by the gold component. This plating deteriorates with time and must be replated every 6-18 months for maximum brightness. These wedding bands are becoming more fashionable among modern couples. Platinum is another white metal that is highly robust and resistant to regular wear and tear. Platinum wedding rings are rarer than gold and far more expensive, but they will stay forever, unblemished.

If a platinum wedding ring is out of your budget limit, consider purchasing a palladium wedding ring instead. Palladium has grown in popularity as a cheaper alternative to platinum due to its identical color and lower price. Titanium is a relatively new jewelry metal. It has a distinct color difference from platinum and palladium, is scratch-resistant, and feels light on the finger.

Other modern metals with similar qualities and appearance include zirconium, black zirconium, and tungsten carbide. You can even think about mixing and matching different metal shades to create a dual tone. Combining diverse colors might result in a visually appealing design component or pattern.

In most circumstances, the metal for unique wedding rings for women is an easy selection to make: we always advise complementing the metal of your engagement ring. This is not only good for matching the appearance of your engagement and wedding bands, but it is also best for ensuring the lifespan of your rings. Because each metal option has a distinct toughness, mismatching metals will cause the harder metal to rub against the softer of the two, eventually wearing away the ring.

Choose The Right Ring Style

Women and men’s diamond wedding rings come in a variety of designs and shapes, with preferences varied from person to person and lifestyle to lifestyle. Shared claw, pave, channel, eternity bands, sapphire wedding rings, and three-stone or trilogy diamond rings are some of the most iconic and classic kinds of wedding rings. Wedding rings are also available in a variety of styles to compliment the size of your diamond engagement ring and rest nicely next to it. Wedding rings are classified into three types: D-shaped, flat court-shaped, and flat-shaped. We recommend that you pick a style and shape that you will be able to wear comfortably.

Select A Gemstone

Wedding bands, like engagement rings, are extremely customizable, including stone alternatives. A classic solitaire wedding ring never goes out of style, but colored diamond stones can be an exquisite choice to make a bold statement. Aside from the typical white, diamonds are available in a variety of colors, including black, blue, yellow, and pink. Diamonds are the most widely used precious stone in rings due to their greater hardness, which makes them resistant to scratches and aging.

Another gemstone for a splash of color is corundum, also known as sapphires and rubies. Although sapphires are most recognized for their dark blue colors, they are available in every shade. Sapphires can be black, pink, purple, green, yellow, or orange in addition to their signature blue. Because the red form of sapphire is more commonly known as ruby, the physical attributes of rubies and sapphires are identical. One of the most important characteristics we look for in a gemstone for daily use is its toughness, or resistance to scratching, which is rated on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness. Diamond, the strongest material, has a hardness of 10 on this scale, while corundum has a hardness of 9.

Personalize Your Ring

Wedding bands are precious because of their significance, but you can make them even more personal by engraving them. You can etch your names, wedding date, or a short statement of your choice. Engravings can be added to any metal and in any gorgeous font of your choice. If you wish to engrave something on the inside of your band, please be sure it is wide enough to accommodate your inscription.

Now that you have got a fair idea about buying a wedding ring, why not take the next step and start searching for your options.

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