Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Band Match For Your Spouse
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Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Band Match For Your Spouse

Since you are here, we are sure that a congratulation is on your way as wedding bells are ringing. By keeping that in mind, let’s now skip to the good part and discuss how to choose matching wedding bands for you and your partner. 

If you follow this, it will be easier for you to select unique matching wedding bands his and hers for your special occasion with your perfect match. So, let’s waste no more time and explore the different factors to consider while choosing the best wedding band for your spouse and yourself.


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Get Your Game Plan Ready

Well, you need to plan beforehand as it is the only way to ensure that there won’t be any last-minute mishaps. Some issues that you might face when you shop for matching wedding bands as your wedding day approaches include:

  1. There is a high chance that the prices of metals might go high. Yes, when the metal price increases, the cost of the wedding ring will also increase. However, if you have planned three to six months beforehand, you can buy the band when the price is the lowest. Here, you get the chance to purchase based on offers and special discounts.
  2. At the last minute, it’s challenging to opt for customization as most jewelers will take time to work on intricate designs. 
  3. Sizing issues can be a concern. If your rings run small or bigger than your size, it could take time for you to get replacements. It can be an issue, especially when your wedding date is approaching.

Therefore, it is best to prepare your plan to shop for matching wedding bands for your wedding as you decide to get married. Through this, you can reduce the chances of facing unnecessary tensions or problems at the last minute.

Ensure that Your Matching Wedding Bands Stay Within Your Budget

Before you go on a shopping spree for your special day, take a step back and create a budget. Here, you have to list how much money you plan to spend on the wedding. Ensure that you look into different aspects like the number of people you plan to invite, how you would like to have your wedding, and others. 

Based on these factors, you can form a budget for your wedding. Coming to your matching wedding rings, you have to decide the money you can allocate beforehand. Once you have done that, the next thing is to ensure that you stick to the budget. It won’t be a problem if you go a little beyond your budget. But make sure it won’t affect or create issues with your overall budget.

Select the Metal and Design

Matching promise rings are available in different metals. If you wish to purchase something affordable, you can opt for silver. However, it might not be the best option when choosing a metal for your wedding ring. You can select gold, platinum, or other metals. When it comes to gold, you can pick from several colors, including white, rose, yellow, etc., 

Similar to metals, you also have to think if you like stones in your wedding ring. For matching wedding bands for his and hers, most couples prefer diamonds. However, there are other affordable options, like gemstones. Some of the most popular gemstones include sapphire, ruby, etc., 

Here, you can also try something special by opting for gemstones based on your birth or zodiac sign. Other than metals and stones on your matching promise rings, the design of your band is yet another thing you should consider. You have to look into this as you will wear your matching wedding rings regularly. Therefore, ensure that you and your partner opt for matching wedding rings that you both find comfortable.

Focus on the Size of Your Rings

While choosing your wedding ring, ensure that the sizes are correct. So, before shopping for matching wedding rings, check your size based on the size chart. While shopping online, you can find a size chart for unique matching wedding bands for his and hers. 

If you are shopping from a traditional store, you can visit the store and decide on the ring you wish to buy. However, as you juggle different things, it’s challenging to visit many stores to shop for your perfect wedding rings. 

In addition, sizes can vary from one jeweler to another. Therefore, you will have to visit the store personally to try on the rings. Considering these factors, it would be best to shop for your matching wedding rings from an online trusted jeweler like Love Wedding Bands.

Think Long Term

Another factor to consider while buying matching wedding bands for his and her is their durability. Since it is a symbol of love and affection, you would want your wedding rings to last forever like your relationship. Along with durability, you have to consider the ring’s maintenance as well. 

However, this will depend upon the type of metal you choose for your wedding ring. For instance, if you opt for metals like gold or platinum, the maintenance required will be low. You can do so easily with a lint cloth.

So, by using this guide, you can choose matching wedding bands with ease!

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