Design Your Own Mens Wedding Band - 5 Steps to Building the Perfect Ring
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Design Your Own Mens Wedding Band – 5 Steps to Building the Perfect Ring

If you start wedding ring shopping without a strategy, you’re likely to become confused quickly. Find the right rings for your big day — and, of course, the rest of your lives — by planning everything in detail.

Have you thought about choosing custom mens wedding rings? Designing your own personalised wedding rings is one of the most romantic ways to become involved in wedding planning. Sounds good, isn’t it? Well, it is easy to design your own mens wedding band at affordable costs. There are a number of reputed jewelry stores that specialize in crafting custom mens wedding rings, engagement rings and matching ring sets that are tailor made to your preferences and budget.  Rather than going to the customary chain store and viewing hundreds of rings made with the mass market in mind, why not design your own wedding band online or in store.

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Not only is it stylish to design your own ring, but it is also a sentimental choice. It implies a lot to a bride and groom to be able to personalize their wedding rings in order to create something one-of-a-kind that truly reflects their personas and special connection.

If you are wondering how to design your own mens wedding band, then here are our five steps to follow.

  1. Start your shopping ahead of time

You may believe that it is too early to begin looking for wedding rings, but whether you have several weeks, months or more before your big day, it is always best to start looking at the earliest. Buying wedding rings should never be done in a hurry. Planning your wedding ring designs many weeks in advance will give you plenty of time to choose your dream wedding bands and have them custom-made or resized if necessary.

Yes, we do understand how hectic the months leading up to a wedding may be, but if you want to personalize your ring, don’t wait until the last minute. The customization procedure is lengthy, from developing a design to receiving the final piece that you adore, and you should budget additional time to account for any unanticipated adjustments along the line.

  1. Set the budget

Buying wedding bands is not only an emotional decision, but it also demands a significant financial investment. Hence, make it a point to set a feasible budget and stick to it. Think how much you will be willing to spend on your wedding ring? Set a budget for your wedding rings before you begin shopping – this is usually a proportion of your whole wedding costs. This way, you can inform the jeweler your budget, forget about the money, and focus on finding the perfect rings for you and your partner.

The choice of diamond or gemstone has the greatest impact on the price of a wedding ring, as this is where most of the budget goes. The cost of the metal used accounts for the majority of the cost of a wedding band. Metal is priced according to its weight, thus the broader the band and the more intricate the design, the more expensive the ring. The price point will be cheaper with a thinner band.

  1. Ideas for your ring

Since you have decided to design your own mens wedding band, it is important to decide on styles and patterns. Browse online, take a look at the magazines and look around to find inspiration for your custom mens wedding rings. Your concept might be based on what you have seen in a jewelry store, a celebrity wedding, movie scene or an acquaintance. Having a clear idea about what you are looking for makes the process easier. So, make sure to do your research and come up with rough designs.

Designing your own mens wedding band has an advantage of allowing you to combine design attributes from different rings. Talk with your jewelry designer to discuss your ideas in detail.

  1. Choose your metal

When you choose a metal, you’ll be able to narrow down your options significantly, which might be beneficial if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. Some people pick their all-time favorite metal, while others go for the metal of the moment, while others select depending on what best suits their skin tone, and yet others choose the strongest, most durable metal that will last the test of time.

The majority of individuals choose a platinum or 18ct gold wedding band, not just for its aesthetic value, but also because of its sturdiness to withstand the daily wear and tear. Other popular choices for mens wedding rings include palladium or tungsten, white gold, rose gold, or platinum.

  1. Decide the style and details

When it comes to designing your wedding band online, there are different details to consider. You need to choose style, finish, fit, width and more. Are you looking for classical, timeless styles of wedding bands or modern designs? Another factor to consider is how you want to arrange the stones, if you will have any.

In this age of personalization, engraving is the most perfect option to add a unique touch to your wedding rings. A message can be engraved on the inside or outside of the band. Heartbeat or fingerprint of you or your loved one, initials of names, birthdays or wedding date can be carved into each other’s bands. You can even opt to engrave patterns or symbols on the inside of your wedding bands.

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