How to Find the Perfect Wedding Bands for Men
Men's Wedding Bands

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Bands for Men?

Until recently, no one had given much thought to wedding bands for mens.

Most of the guys obsess over the engagement ring. They want it to be ideal for their future spouse. But, once that’s done, we don’t think much about rings.

Sure, they will put on a wedding band. Probably something similar to their bride’s.

However, men pay relatively little attention to something that they will wear virtually every day and is meant to signify their lifetime devotion to future bride. Many men give little regard to the wedding band they will wear. As a result, most guys choose a basic yellow gold band.

And there is nothing wrong with this type of wedding band if it’s the one you prefer. Even if you buy a simple band, it should fit properly and be comfy, as well as compliment your personality.

The truth is that more guys are becoming concerned about their wedding bands. In recent times, the marketplace has seen an overflow of options for guys, which means you have more to think about – in a good way! To be honest, the styles and materials available for men’s rings have never been more fashionable.

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Here are six things you should know before going wedding band shopping if you’re thinking about proposing or are already betrothed.

Match it or not

The first thing to think about when selecting stylish mens wedding bands is whether you and your soon-to-be wife want matching rings or not. Man, and wife’s bands used to match since they were a sign of their togetherness and commitment. However, that custom has changed considerably in recent years, and the choice of whether you wear matching or separate bands is completely yours. Matching bands are still a powerful symbol of unity, but getting separate bands allows each partner to pick something that relates to their own unique style.

If you like the notion of matching rings but don’t want to purchase identical ones, look for rings that are distinct but complementing, such as those made of the similar material or with the same jewel but worn in different ways. Alternatively, you might engrave the same message on the inside of each ring.

Your personal style

When it comes to wedding rings, what matters most is your personal style. There are no options that are obviously better or worse; you simply need to look around and determine what you truly enjoy.

Be wary of choosing a design or material that appears stylish at first glance but becomes gimmicky after a decade or two. Unique wedding bands for men differ slightly from women’s engagement rings, and you may always switch them out if your tastes change. Though some men may dismiss the ring selection, we strongly recommend you give it some consideration and time. Choose something you’ll like wearing for the rest of your life.

Your choice of ring material

There is a wide range of material and color options available for wedding bands for mens. There are modern metals like tungsten and titanium, as well as more unusual materials like wood, meteorite, and even antler/dinosaur bone, in addition to the traditional precious metals (gold, silver, and platinum). Silicone rings are also becoming increasingly fashionable. Let’s take a look at each of these materials, starting with whether you want a diamond or a jewel of some kind.

  1. Diamond

When it comes to materials for stylish mens wedding bands, one of the first factors to address is whether you want a diamond or other jewel embedded into the ring. The diamond in a woman’s diamond engagement ring is commonly placed above the ring itself; the goal is for the diamond to be the center of attention. Diamonds are set into men’s rings as a complement to the overall look instead of as a focal feature. Diamonds (and other stones) obviously raise the price significantly, but if you have the means for it, it may be a truly crisp and classy look.

  1. Precious Metals 
  • Gold (yellow, white, rose): The most common option, and almost definitely what your father and grandfather have/had. Because it is a “soft” metal, it can be reshaped more easily than other materials; however, this also means it wears more quickly. Unless it is gold plated or of a smaller carat, the price often remains rather high.
  • Silver: The other traditional option for wedding ring material, however it is less popular nowadays. It’s a softer material, like gold, that will tarnish and show its age after a couple of years. It is less expensive than other precious metals. The majority of silver-colored rings on the market nowadays are really made of white gold or a strong metal.
  • Platinum: Platinum is the costliest of the traditional metals, but it is also the most enduring – a platinum ring will most probably last a lifetime and maintain its appearance. Platinum also has a pleasant natural gleam.
  1. Modern Metals

The term “modern” is applied to these materials not because the materials themselves are modern, but because of their use in stylish mens wedding bands. These all have a similar appearance and are frequently combined with inlays made of different materials such as carbon fiber, turquoise, precious metals, and so on.

  • It’s the strongest material available, but it’s also the most difficult to reshape. It’s scratch-resistant to a large extent (but not fully) and relatively light. More economical than the precious metals mentioned above.
  • The toughest and most resilient ring material. This man-made metal is silver in color (but other hues can be created by mixing it with other elements) and virtually unbreakable. It’s also practically hard to resize because of this. It’s heavier than the other metals here, so it’ll feel a little thicker on your finger. This isn’t entirely a bad thing; the ring will just stand out more.

Cobalt, steel, and tantalum are some of the other metals you’ll come across. When it comes to these metals, it really comes down to personal preference and affordability – they’re all tough and reasonably priced on their own.

  1. Width of Rings

The size of wedding bands for mens is more likely to affect its overall appearance and feel than you might believe. The majority of rings will be between 4 and 8 mm wide, with outliers on either end. Many men prefer rings that are 8 mm or larger; rings that are 4 mm or smaller tend to look tiny, whereas rings that are 8 mm or larger look bolder and more robust.

The first thing to consider when deciding how wide to make your ring is your own hand and finger size. An 8 mm band can be too big and poke out too much if you have smaller hands.

Your own style, along with all of these other factors, is another important consideration when it comes to ring width. A broader ring is a more daring choice that is intrinsically more conspicuous. A slimmer ring is more subtle and fits in more organically rather than popping out.

  1. Size or Fit of your ring 

Standard and convenience are the two possibilities for how the ring fits on your finger. As you might expect, standard refers to how every ring used to fit, and basically implies that the inside of the ring, the part that makes contact with your finger, is completely flat. Standard fit is a little more difficult to put on and take off over the knuckle, and the finger may move around a little more.

Nowadays, the vast majority of rings are of comfort fit This means that the interior of the ring is moderately curved, making it more comfortable, quicker to put on and take off, and ensuring the ring remains in place a little better.

  1. Your Budget

Once you’ve determined your own style, you may start narrowing down your choices to unique wedding bands for men within your price range. Make sure to set a feasible budget and stick to it; otherwise, you may fall in love with a ring that is hundreds of dollars more than what you intended to spend. A reputable jeweler will assist you in finding the ideal ring within your price range.

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Let’s face the truth: a man’s wedding ring is most often a last-minute purchase. But, contrary to popular belief, men’s wedding bands are significantly more intriguing. In terms of materials and overall aesthetic, you have a plethora of possibilities.

Because wedding bands are meant to be worn for a lifetime, you’ll want to take your time choosing one that fits well and complements your style.

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