Best Ways to Choose Comfort Fit Mens Wedding Band
Men's Wedding Bands

Top Factors to Consider While Choosing Comfort Fit Men’s Wedding Band

So, you’re tying the knot! The formal wedding band style is popular among men, but many are branching out and embracing more complex looks. Men’s bands have a more macho appearance with larger bands, angular cuts, and generally the absence of stones than women’s bands.  Choosing a men’s wedding band, however, might be challenging — will it be comfy? Heavy? Will I be able to keep it? It’s the most important ring you’ll ever wear, after all.  Though it may appear straightforward, the following factors should be addressed when looking for a men’s wedding band. Here are ten simple ways to ensure that yours is both cozy and appealing.

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Flat or Comfort Fit Rings

When it comes to wedding bands, the first thing to keep in mind is whether you want a flat or comfort fit ring. The interior of the band is flat on the classic, or “flat” fit, resulting in a consistent diameter from one side to the other that sits flush upon the finger. A comfort fit mens wedding band, which has a more curved inner, is a more modern style. As a result, mens comfort fit wedding bands apply less strain to the finger and are simpler to put on over broader finger knuckles.

While a flat fit is ideal for people who desire an elegant, contemporary design, a comfort fit may be a better alternative for those who live an active lifestyle or have to do manual chores every day.

Comfort fit engagement rings and wedding bands can be sized differently than flat fit rings due to the rounded interior. Make sure to contact your jeweler for help with sizing.

Width of Rings

The width of the comfort fit mens wedding band is the next factor to consider, as well as whether you like a broader or narrower band. The width of the band is significant since it will inevitably affect how the band appears on the finger, and hence the entire look of the hand.

If your ring size is less than a size 9, a narrow wedding band (usually between 2mm and 6mm) is often preferable. They’re also less expensive than a broader wedding ring made of the same metal, and they seem less bulky on slimmer fingers or a leaner physique.

A wider wedding band (more than 6mm) may be more appropriate for those who have a ring size more than 9, or who have larger hands, or who are simply bigger in size. While the cost of mens comfort fit wedding bands rises in proportion to the band width, a larger band is more likely to stand out and make a statement than a thinner one. Consider your budget as more metal equals a greater price and also this is one area where you may make changes without affecting the overall style of the ring.

Finish of Rings

There are various popular finishes that can add appeal to comfort fit wedding band with diamonds.

  • Sand blast – this finish shines and sparkles attractively in the light, giving the ring the appearance of being encrusted with diamond pieces. It has a gritty texture and feels unpleasant to the touch.
  • Satin — For those who desire a far less dazzling ring, this finish creates a smoother, more matte impression.
  • Hammered – This finish is distinct in style because it has a wrinkled appearance, as if a hammer was used to hammer each dimple on the ring’s base, thus the name. This is an excellent choice for the more active man because it conceals little blemish the best, making it the ideal style for hiding severe wear.
  • Brushed — A brushed finish has a textured look and, like a satin finish, is not polished. The texture appears to have been created with a wire brush. The name comes from the fact that the finish has tiny brush-like strokes on it. It helps to disguise scratches, similar to the hammered finish, and is thus ideal for a more dynamic gentleman.
  • Engraving — On wedding bands, etching adds interest to a simple finish. The engraving patterns can be used to create beautiful designs, and they are done with the accuracy of technology to ensure that they are completely symmetrical.

Edge of Ring

Another feature to consider is the band’s edge, which has an impact on the overall design of the ring.

  • Straight edge is prevalent choice in mens comfort fit wedding bands, giving them a clean, uncomplicated appeal. The shape of the square, according to psychologists, is related with male character attributes such as toughness, tenacity, rationality, charm, and authority. Straight bands appeal to people who think analytically and rationally. Is this form of edge, however, comfortable? Yes, as long as the edge isn’t too sharp and the user opts for a comfortable inside design.
  • A bevelled edge gives a plain wedding ring added dimension, giving it a more sculptural and streamlined appeal. Unlike typical wedding rings, which have one smooth outer surface, bevelled wedding rings have three facets.
  • A rounded edge, as the name suggests, has a softer, smoother edge that is believed to be the comfiest to wear.

Choose Your Style

Men’s wedding bands adorned with spectacular diamonds and other jewels are becoming increasingly popular, and the choice is entirely yours. You have the option of choosing a basic, patterned, matte, or polished ring with a gleaming finish. Remember that your wedding band should reflect your individuality as well as your relationship with your partner.

Material for Rings

Choosing the right material is a vital aspect to consider while choosing comfort fit engagement rings and wedding bands. Do you like platinum or white gold tones because they have a cooler feel to them? Should you go for 14K or 18K if you’re inclined to traditional yellow gold? Then there’s also rose gold.

Most individuals are drawn to 18K yellow gold comfort fit mens wedding band because of its rich colour tone that radiates warmth. The brilliant warmth of an 18K ring has a certain allure all its own.

Mens comfort fit wedding bands made of 14K yellow gold, on the other hand, have the advantage of containing more alloy and so being more durable. In terms of gold metal, we suggest 18K for wedding bands. You don’t have to fret about damaging 18K comfort fit rings unless you participate in rough activities manually without removing your band.

While an 18K gold comfort fit wedding ring for men will cost more than a 14K gold comfort fit wedding band, the high carat gold warmth has a unique brilliance.

If you’re planning to go for white gold, then consider getting 14k. Comfort fit 14K men’s white gold wedding rings include more alloy, making the band brighter, more robust, and less expensive.

A rose gold wedding band also follows the very same rule. The 14K version features more copper, making it more durable, rose-colored, and less costly than the 18K version.

Platinum can also be used to create a comfort fit wedding band. Since it is a natural white metal, it is regarded more “white” than white gold. Two-tone, mixed metal designs are yet another choice for men’s comfort fit wedding rings.

The most common choice for mens comfort fit wedding bands remains 14 carat gold because it is not as soft as 18 carat or platinum. While yellow gold still remains a common choice for men’s wedding rings, white metals such as white gold, platinum and palladium have gained popularity among the masses.

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