Stunning Wedding Jewelry Pieces That Will Wow Your Guests
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Stunning Wedding Jewelry Pieces That Will Wow Your Guests

Whether you host a party in your house or have your wedding, your jewelry can be the showstopper. Here, there are several options available, ranging from statement necklaces to princess cut diamond rings. And nowadays, you can shop for jewelry from anywhere and even from the comfort of your house. 

Buying ornaments for your wedding has become hassle-free when done at an online jewelry store in the USA. We would recommend opting for a trustworthy, certified, reliable, and credible store, and one of the best options is Love Wedding Bands. 

Let’s put a pin on that discussion and focus on the unique and sleek wedding jewelry pieces that you can get to grace your wedding.


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Eternity Wedding Bands

With a rich history extending back to ancient Egypt and the 2000 BC, these rings make eternal love. When you have this as your wedding ring, it is to mark your commitment and bond with your partner. It is one of the best jewelry wedding rings options you can consider. You can opt for a classic eternity ring with diamonds or one with gemstones like sapphire, emerald, or ruby. 

You can even have a mix of diamonds and gemstones in your wedding ring. When it comes to diamond eternity rings, the best shapes you can prefer are:

  1. Baguette-cut
  2. Round cut
  3. Princess cut

Besides, there are different styles of eternity rings available in most of the leading online jewelry in the US. Mainly, they include full and half eternity rings. When it comes to the metals in these rings, you can opt for yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Here, you can opt for a jewelry wedding ring that fits your preferences and tastes.

Diamond Hoop Earrings 

Diamond hoop earrings can be a timeless choice for your wedding as they have been in style for decades. They can be the best option to add versatility and sleekness to your wedding look. Based on your preferences, you can design your own jewelry online and do the same for your hoop earrings.

While shipping these earrings, you have to look into the quality of the stones. It is because there can be several stones pre-set in these earrings, and you have to look into their color grade, carat weights, clarity standards, etc.,

You can select the size and shape of your hoop earrings based on your features, outfit, hairstyle, etc. You can opt for single-layered smaller hoops like Huggies if you wish for a minimalist look on your wedding day. If you want to take a step ahead and make things fancier, you can try out heavier and bigger hoops. By the way, these earrings are available in different shapes as well. You can select them based on the size you want for the earrings.

Classic Wedding Bands- His and Her Jewelry

If you and your partner would like to take things a bit trendier, why not try his and her jewelry? 

There are options, ranging from classic wedding rings to couple necklaces. Classic wedding bands have simple designs and are much more versatile. Here, you can even try out to design your own jewelry online, where you have the opportunity to customize your bands. 

With classic bands, you can go for a variety of metals, and it is best for you and your partner to have the rings made from the same metal. Gold, platinum, titanium, and silver are some metals to consider. Here, you can have the rings with a single diamond or other gemstones like sapphire, emerald, etc.

Since it’s his and her jewelry, both the wedding bands would have similarities. However, they will differ in their width and thickness. Here, men’s rings will be thick. Whereas on the other hand, women’s wedding bands will be thin.

Pave Set Rings as Jewelry Wedding Rings for Your Big Day

These rings have small diamonds and gained their name from their resemblance to paved roads. It has been around since the Georgian era as a popular design. While buying this ring, you have to opt for the perfect stone, cut, and material. 

With the design, you can go for s hidden halo with a center stone. Here, you can have a diamond in the center with other gemstones surrounding it. Another option will be to have the entire ring made with diamonds. These rings can provide a minimalistic look, and after the big day, you can pair them up effortlessly with any outfit. 

Simple Necklace

You can make your wedding day special by adding a simple necklace. You can decide how you would like to have your necklace based on your outfit. Ensure that your necklace is visible and on your skin. One of the best options is a bridal necklace with pear drop diamonds. 

Another option will be diamond necklaces with cluster diamonds. However, while wearing them, you can opt for Huggies as your earrings. You can even add a bracelet to accentuate your look. Another necklace option you can look into is choker necklaces, and they work well with round and pear-cut diamonds. You can also try out open choker necklaces to match your outfit.

If you want to go for a timeless look and add elegance, it is best to go for a solitaire necklace. It is a neckpiece that comes with a dangling diamond pendant. Here, you can also opt for layers in your necklace if you wish to style it up. 

Final Thoughts

These are some stunning his and her jewelry and other ornaments that you can incorporate into your big day. You can dress up or dress down your wedding dress accordingly. Now, you can design your own jewelry online while shopping from an online jewelry store in the USA. 

By the way, if you are looking for a trustworthy online jeweler, you can head on to Love Wedding Band!

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