How To Match Your Engagement Rings Perfectly
Engagement Rings

How To Match Your Engagement Rings Perfectly?

Marking a tradition and the affectionate bond you share with your partner, engagement rings add sparkle to your life. By opting for a couples engagement ring set, you and your partner can have bands that sit perfectly. Here, you can try out unique center stone cuts, styles, designs, and metals. 

Although many people prefer to have diamond engagement rings, it is one of the many options. Here, we will walk you through some tips and tricks to find the perfect matching engagement rings for you and your partner. 

Therefore, let’s dive into some 2022 engagement ring trends and evergreen ideas.

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Choosing the Right Metal for the Matching Engagement Rings for Him and Her

While searching for matching engagement rings for him and her, it is best to have the same metal for both the bands. Based on your preferences, you can opt for a modern style or an antique look. You and your partner can even bring in a mix of metals to the rings. Here are some of the best metal options for you to consider:

  1. Gold: Gold, which stands as the mecca of luxury, is an excellent metal choice and has been preferred by many couples for decades. Here, you can opt for yellow, white, or rose gold. However, while getting a couple’s engagement rings set, ensure that it is durable. Regarding gold, although 24 karat is the purest form, it isn’t the most durable option. It is because it can bend and scratch easily.

    Therefore, you have to opt for gold rings with other metals like platinum, silver, copper, etc. One of the best options if you are priority is durability is ten karat gold. But, its purity will be low compared to others. By the way, if you plan to get white gold engagement rings, it is essential to get rhodium plating done once every year to maintain its shining.
  2. Platinum: Platinum is an expensive choice as it is a rare metal. But, rings made from platinum can last for a lifetime and hold the stone in place for a long duration. Besides, it can handle scratches easily and is best suitable for daily use.

  3. Silver: Silver is an affordable option, but it is a soft metal. Therefore, the manufacturers often mix silver with other metals like copper to enhance its strength.

  4. Titanium: Although titanium is not a metal that makes up the list of top-selling engagement rings, it has been gaining popularity. It is unique, lightweight, and scratch-resistant. But, if you opt for titanium as the metal, remember that it will be challenging to resize the ring if necessary.

  5. Palladium: It is an excellent option for rings as it is white and comes with a mirror-like shiny finish. It is also hypoallergic and comfortable. But, similar to titanium, this metal also has resizing issues.

These are some of the best metal options for matching engagement rings for him and her. While selecting the metal, ensure that you and your partner opt for the same one to bring in similarity.

Types of Engagement Rings

As you have decided on the metal, it’s time for you to move on to choose the type of engagement ring you and your partner need. Here, we have brought together some of our favorites for you. By the way, there are several other options too.

  1. Classic Bands: Classic bands are simple, where men’s rings will be thick, and women’s will be thinner. These rings are basic, and you can opt for them from different metals such as gold, platinum, or silver.
  2. Eternity Rings: Eternity rings are a long-time favorite of most couples. Here, you can have diamonds or a variety of gemstones in the ring. Besides, you can have different ways of setting the stones, ranging from prong to channel.
  3. Two Halves Rings: These rings act as two halves of one entire ring. They are visually appealing and are part of the 2022 engagement ring trends. By the way, they have been trending for several years and continue to carry on their legacy. These rings can be symbolic of the connection shared by the couple. For instance, as part of showing affection, you and your partner can have two halves of a heart in the ring.
  4. Curved Rings: They have heavy diamonds or gemstones in one-half of the rings. Here, they can have a slender or V shape.
  5. Pave Bands: These couples’ engagement rings can have diamonds or other gemstones. One of the best paves band options are the scalloped pave diamond band. They offer a minimalistic view of the metal, and all the attention is on the stones.

Selecting How You Would Like to Have the Stones

When it comes to stones, you have several options, especially regarding gemstones. But, here, we will focus on the different cuts out there that you and your partner can consider while selecting from a list of top-selling engagement rings.

  1. Round Cut: It is a versatile style that can work well with different stones. You can opt for diamond engagement rings to bands with several gemstones in this pattern.
  2. Princess-Cut: It works well with a small round diamond, and you can team it up with a round cut stone.
  3. Oval-Cut: These stones can enhance the sparkle of your matching engagement rings for him and her. And they are suitable for single prong oval bands.
  4. Asscher Cut: These stones are attention-grabbing, and you can have them with rings that have emerald cut stones.
  5. Radiant Cut: These stones are best for the pave bands and an excellent choice for eternity rings.

By keeping these things in your mind, you and your partner can move ahead and select the perfect engagement rings. Nowadays, you can do so from the comfort of your home from your smart device. 

Well, if you intend to find the best fit and elegant-looking rings for your beloved, you can head to Love Wedding Bands. Here, you can find matching engagement rings that cater to your preferences at reasonable pricing and premium quality.

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