Breathtaking Simple Engagement Rings That She Will Love
Engagement Rings

Breathtaking Simple Engagement Rings That She Will Love

Are you planning on shopping for engagement bands for her? We have got you covered. Engagement is a beautiful way to convey affection and love to your partner. It is a sign of commitment through which you can build your relationship with your partner and take it to the next level. In most cultures, especially in western culture, couples give engagement rings while proposing to their loved one. 

As a sign of depicting commitment, you can also shop for affordable engagement rings for her and gift one to your partner. Here, we will walk you through some of the breathtaking simple engagement ring collections you can consider while shopping for your partner. So, let’s dive right into this discussion.

Vermont Halo Engagement Ring Kansas City Three Stone Engagement RingRhode Island Pave Set Engagement Ring

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Idaho Halo Engagement Ring

While searching for designer engagement rings for her, why not consider halo engagement rings? Here, at Love Wedding Bands, you can find a unique collection of halo rings. Among them, the Idaho Halo engagement ring stands out in its style and design. The ring has 34 diamonds or a combination of diamonds with other gemstones. It has a unique shape and design that can stand out in the crowd. 

Compared to most other rings, it has a low thickness, which will be something loved by most girls as it will be easier to carry around and style with their outfits.

Saskatchewan Trellis Pave Set Engagement Ring

Pave rings are getting highly famous these days, and you can consider this one as an excellent option for one of the affordable engagement rings for her. Based on your girl’s preference, you can decide the color of the ring. Here, you can opt for white, rose, or yellow and choose from materials, including 14k gold, 18k gold, and 950 platinum. 

Moving forward to the stone on this stylish and classy ring, you can just have diamonds. Another option is to go for a combination of diamonds with other gemstones. They include ruby, emerald, pink, or blue sapphire. In this ring, the center stone comes as a princess cut and can have up to ten gemstones.

Minneapolis Three Stone Engagement Ring

As you browse through the internet, searching for the perfect ring with which you can propose to your partner, the Minneapolis Three Stone engagement ring can be the perfect choice for you. Here you can shop for these diamond engagement rings for her. You can also opt for other gemstones for this ring, they include ruby, emerald, pink and blue sapphire. Now, let’s discuss the unique design of this mesmerizing ring. 

The ring comes with baskets that can accommodate the precious stones. There will be a center stone and on the side, you can have two baguette-shaped diamonds or other gemstones. 

By the way, when it comes to the shape of these baskets, they alter based on the shape of the center diamond. Being such a stylish and unique engagement ring for her, why not shop for this three-stone band from Love Wedding Bands for your partner today?

Solitaire Maine Engagement Ring

A solitaire engagement ring for her is never going out of style and these rings continue to be evergreen and classy. This very ring comes with a trendy design and you can shop for it in platinum or gold. Here, you have the option of adding engravings, which can be an exciting way to convey your love for your partner. 

Coming to the details of this ring, it has a solid yet delicate structure that can showcase four gemstones. In addition, it facilitates a comfortable fit.

Hawaii Fancy Engagement Ring

Well, if your partner is someone who loves to wear fancy and extravagant pieces of jewelry, the Hawaii engagement ring can be the perfect choice for her. You can shop for this engagement ring in white, yellow, or rose colors. 

You can get this engagement ring for her with 24 stones in it. You can create diamond engagement rings with them or have other gemstones. Here, you can opt for emerald, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, or ruby in place of diamond. In addition, the ring comes with a basket that can accommodate a round or princess-cut diamond in the center. You can also add engravings to this beautiful ring to enhance it further.

Looking at the width of the ring, the top width is 6 mm, and the bottom width is 3 mm. Another thing to note is the size of the center stone, which is 0.75 ctw to 1.50 ctw, making it the perfect engagement ring for her.

Advantages of Shopping for Engagement Rings for Her from Love Wedding Bands

As you have discovered some of the best engagement rings for her, why not shop for these unique designer engagement rings from Love Wedding Bands? Now, are you why it is the best place to shop for an engagement ring? Well, don’t worry. We have got the answers for you.

  1. You can design your engagement ring while shopping from Love Wedding Bands. Here, you can pick your engagement ring, choose your gems and metals, and get your ring custom-made.
  2. You can find a variety of gems and designs, including side stone, solitaire, halo, pave, three stone, and fancy. So why not shop for an engagement ring from Love Wedding Bands to make it much more special?
  3. While shopping for affordable engagement rings for her from Love Wedding Bands, you can attain free shipping. You can also gain 30-day returns and a lifetime warranty on the engagement ring you have purchased.
  4. Love Wedding Bands offers diamond engagement rings for her, where the diamonds have the correct certifications, proving their color and clarity.
  5. You can get hold of a variety of offers and discounts while purchasing engagement rings or other types of rings or jewelry from Love Wedding Bands.

Therefore, by keeping these factors in mind, why not shop for engagement bands for her from Love Wedding Bands? Through this, you can enhance your relationship and build the bond you share with your partner.

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