Best Promise Ring Sets For Couples 10 Unique Designs You’ll Love
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Best Promise Ring Sets for Couples: 10 Unique Designs You’ll Love

Let’s begin with a story of eternal love. In ancient times, to be precise, in the second century, there were two people in love. They promised each other to be together till death separated them. 

Although they wished to get married as soon as they shared their love, they had to wait for some time. As per the Roman tradition, the bridegroom has to give his bride a promise ring. Similarly, this couple and many others shared promise ring sets as a mark of their commitment and love. It has become a tradition loved by many monogamous couples, and they love to give each other promise rings

However, each couple has their reason for wearing these rings, ranging from the symbol of devotion to monogamous commitment. Currently, you can buy different types of promise rings for him and her with colorful gemstones to the ones where you can bring in elements of personalization.

In this article, we will walk you through ten unique designs of promise rings that you will love to gift to your partner. Let’s dive right into this matter.


0.06 Carat Solitaire Classic 4mm His and Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set 0.03 Carat 5mm Striped Design His and Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set0.10 Carat Stylish Classic 5mm His and Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set

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Bestseller Classic Matching 4mm His and Hers Ring Set

You can bring a classic and traditional touch to your promise rings by opting for these rings. Remember that promise rings can be any type of ring that you give your partner. It is the sentiment and the emotion behind it that counts. These classic matching rings have a shiny, thin horizontal convex line throughout the center. You can customize these rings and opt for a color of your choice, adding to their uniqueness.

Popular Contemporary Matching 5mm His and Hers Promise Band Set

Promises are to be kept, and these matching promise rings can help you and your partner keep them. They have diagonal cuts, creating a stripe-like look for your promise bands. Here, both his and her ring have the same design, which can symbolize your love. The width of both these rings is 5mm, and they can provide you with a comfortable fit. These rings are available in shiny, matte, brush, sandstone, and hammered finish.

0.10 Carat Timeless Design 6mm His and 3mm Her Diamond Ring Set

Love conquers all is a timeless quote used by most people. Similarly, these diamond promise ring sets can add a touch of timelessness to the love you and your partner share. Unlike the other rings, these timeless rings have five-round diamonds. It is in the women’s ring, and each one of these diamonds weighs 0.10 carats. These rings have a flat body and offer a comfortable fit that everyone would love to wear!

 Stylish Classic Matching 7mm His and 5mm Hers Band Set

If going minimalistic is your style, this classic matching promise ring sets for couples can be ideal for you. They don’t boast any intricate designs or gemstones. These handmade rings have shiny step edges that set them apart from other promise rings for him and her. Besides, they are available in white, yellow, rose, white-yellow, and yellow-white color shades. You can customize them further with engravings that add value to your relationship too.

0.10 Carat 4mm Matching Heart His and Hers Diamond Band Set

As you have shared your life with your partner, you can symbolize your love further with this matching heart ring. Here, there are two half-heart designs on these rings. When you put them together, you can get a whole heart, which is a way of representing how you and your partner are together. These rings look the best in white, gold, and rose. You can opt for gold or platinum based on your preference while buying these promise ring sets.

Exquisite Cross Matching 7mm His and 5mm Hers Band Set

You can bring a touch of spirituality by opting for these cross-matching rings. They have a unique design and can be perfect for giving your partner a mark of commitment. These rings have simple crosses on them and are available in gold and platinum. You can customize them by adding engravings to these rings.

Sleek Modern Matching 7mm His and 5mm Hers Band Set

If you wish to bring a modern and sleek look to your promise ring sets, these rings can be the right pick for you. These rings are 7mm wide for men and 5mm wide for women. You can add a touch of personalization by customizing its color, material, size, engravings, and finish. These promise ring sets for couples can stand out in the crowd as they have diamond shapes with smaller and thinner rectangles, creating a special design.

Exclusive Heart Design Matching 6mm His and Hers Ring Set

These rings with a heart design on them are magnificent and stylish. You and your partner can gift these rings to each other as a way to convey your commitment and affection. They look perfect with engravings and also come in gold and platinum. Based on your preference, you can choose these exclusive rings online from Love Wedding Bands.

0.24 Carat Unique Wave Design 4mm His and Hers Diamond Promise Band Set

With a unique wave design, these rings have a wavy-shaped body and fancy edging. You and your partner can wear these diamond rings on a day-to-day basis too. The ring for women has six round diamonds on them too. They are available in white, yellow, and rose shades.

0.14 Ctw 6mm Matching Heart Design His and Hers Diamond Band Set

Why not ignite the love you share with your partner further with these matching promise rings? These rings come with diamonds on them and have a heart design, too. They have diamonds on the woman’s ring, and there are nine diamonds on them.

These are some of our favorite promise ring sets. You can find similar rings from Love Wedding Bands. Click here to find out more!

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