A Comprehensive Guide To Designing The Perfect Wedding Band
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A Comprehensive Guide To Designing The Perfect Wedding Band

When the wedding bells ring, and you don’t have plenty of time in your hand to go around with all your shopping, what is the best thing to do? If you may ask us, we recommend that you try a couple of things online. From flower arrangements to creating your wedding card, there is a lot you can do online. However, there are a few things like trying out the outfit for the perfect day that you have to do in person. When it comes to your wedding bands, you don’t have to worry! You can find items ranging from diamond matching wedding bands to classic gold rings from online reputed stores. 

But let’s make it much more fascinating!

Now, you can design his and her matching wedding bands online with your partner as you sip your favorite brewed drink while spending your quality time together. It can make decision-making much more fun. Anyway, while designing your perfect wedding band, here are a few things to keep in mind.


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Craft a Design in Pen and Paper, Perhaps!

You might head to online jewelry to design your ring before crafting an idea. But, wait for a second! Why not create an initial design, maybe on pen and paper, before working on it? 

You and your partner can take time from your busy schedule to form ideas for your diamond matching wedding bands. Here, you can get inspiration from Pinterest and other social platforms. You should create a design by keeping women’s and men’s wedding band trends in 2022. But remember that you need to create one that is unique and stylish, resonating with you and your partner’s preferences.

Once you create an initial idea of how you envision his and her matching wedding bands, it’s time to start working on your ring.

Select Initial Design

Once you reach a platform like Love Wedding Bands, it is time for you to fix the initial design. Before you jump onto the first design that pops up on your screen, you have to browse through the different options you have.

Ensure that the base ring aligns with the final design planned out. Here, you can opt from several patterns, including a solid dome comfort fit, a solid flat milgrain comfort fit, a solid knife edge comfort fit, a solid Euro dome comfort fit, and a solid flat step comfort fit. These designs work well with women’s and men’s wedding band trends in 2022

For instance, if you and your partner wish to have something minimalistic, you can go for a solid flat milgrain comfort fit as the design for both men and women. 

If you want to have an intricate design to work on, try out a shepherd 5mm Greek key as the initial pattern.

Choose Metal and Color

Once you have selected the initial design for your his and her matching wedding bands, it’s time to decide the color and metal. Mostly, they are available in gold and platinum. When it comes to gold, depending upon their availability, you can opt for 10k, 14k, and 18k. 

Regarding platinum, it is 950Platinum. After selecting the metal, it’s time to opt for the color. If you have chosen platinum, it will be white. You have more options if you have opted for gold. Here, you can select white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and a blend of rose and yellow.

Select the Width and Thickness of His and Her Matching Wedding Bands

If you prefer to have a thin ring, you have to lower the width and thickness of your band. Here, you can opt for 2mm in width and 1.3mm in thickness. Then, you can get a sleek and simple ring, which will be comfortable and lightweight. 

However, if your partner prefers to have something extravagant, you can change the width and thickness that suits their preference. While changing, you can find the modified model on the side. It will make the designing process much easier and simplified.

Finishing on Your Ring Matters!

Finishing on your ring creates a distinctive look and character. Therefore, you have to decide the finishing you wish for your wedding band. There are a variety of finishes available for your ring, including shiny, matte, brush, sandstone, hammered, etc., 

Each of them has its uniqueness, and you can decide what will suit you and your partner the most. If you have opted for diamond-matching wedding bands, a hammered finish might not be the best pick.

Choose the Size for His and Her Matching Wedding Bands

Unlike a necklace, you have to be extremely careful while selecting the size of your ring. You can measure your finger before buying one. Since, in the US, people wear their wedding rings on the left hand, you have to take the measurements accordingly. 

You can find a size chart on platforms like Love Wedding Bands with detailed guidelines on how you can measure your finger and different things you have to consider while doing the same. If you plan to gift the ring without letting your partner know about it, it is best to speak with someone who knows your partner. While measuring your finger, you have to try it three to four times to remove any erroneous reading. Besides, it is best to measure your finger at the end of the day when your fingers are warm. 

Work on the Engravings

If you wish to have something special written on your ring, it is time to design your engravings. Here, you can select his and her matching wedding bands and then work on the engravings. You can go for something basic, like adding your initials or your first name on the ring. You can also try out other wordings or special that have a unique meaning for you and your partner.

Anyhow, if you plan to design your wedding ring for you and your partner following the latest stop, visit Love Wedding Bands as we have got all you need in one place!

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