6 Unique Wedding Bands for Him and Her That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat
His and Her Wedding Bands

6 Unique Wedding Bands for Him and Her, Heartfelt

Wedding bands are a sign of love and commitment. It is the bond between a man and a woman.

This custom of proclaiming a man and a woman’s union dates back to the ancient Egyptians.

The use of a ring back then was a little different than it is now. A ring was made up of items that were more readily available to Egyptians. They exchanged rings made from braided reeds and hemp. They put these rings on the fourth finger of your left hand because they believed there was a ‘vein of love’ that led directly from this finger to your heart. It was a ‘ring of love,’ similar to what we have now, and it was worn to symbolize devotion to each other. The circle was also a profound symbol for the Egyptians, and the infinite circle of a wedding ring is thought to symbolize a promise of eternity.

If you are planning your big day, then buying wedding rings would be an important step. Have you considered buying his and hers wedding band sets? There’s something special about matching his and hers wedding ring sets.

Matching wedding rings demonstrate that a couple shares similar tastes and values traditions while still desiring to participate in them.

Getting a matching ring proves that you are married and that you are married to the same person. However, some individuals may wonder if his and her wedding bands should match.

This is totally up to the bride and husband to decide. Traditionally, most individuals wore simple his and hers wedding bands; however, times have changed, and some people now want to wear various rings that express their personality. Despite this, individuals continue to follow the old custom. It is quite acceptable for a bride and groom to have anything they want. However, as previously said, some people still feel that wearing identical rings brings them together as one.

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Now that you have got a better idea about the significance of buying matching his and hers wedding bands, let us check out some unique wedding ring set designs that will make your heart skip a beat.

1. Classic His and Hers Diamond Wedding Ring Set

When it comes to bringing flair, elegance, and class to the event, diamond wedding rings are at the top of many couples’ wish lists. The body of this handcrafted matching diamond wedding ring set for him and her is softly rounded. Three round shaped diamonds are channeled in her ring. The overall weight of the item is 0.03 ctw, with each diamond weighing 0.01 ctw. A diamond’s simplicity has a sophisticated appeal that appeals to everyone, and it is this trait that distinguishes diamonds from other gems.

2. Carved His and Hers Wedding Ring Set

When it comes to men’s rings, carved wedding bands and wedding rings are trendy. Carved rings come in a variety of styles, including Greece and Celtic rings, art deco, milgrain, pattern, two-toned, and texture. This his and hers wedding ring set has a gleaming groove in the middle and gleaming step borders. These broad rings have a comfort fit for a snugger fit.

3. Solitaire Wedding Band Set

The traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring is by far the most popular design. This is especially true when the man proposes unexpectedly, because a solitaire design is always the “safe” choice. With such a traditional engagement ring, the door is wide open for almost any type of wedding band. The simplicity of a solitaire allows it to be worn with any style of band.

4. His and hers cross wedding bands

Christian wedding rings symbolize not just the couple’s love and devotion to one another, but also their love for God and the sanctity of their marriage. Christian rings are a visible expression of one’s religion and commitment to family and church. From the Latin cross to a more stylistic form, such as a Celtic cross, there are many other sorts of crosses that may be employed. Scriptures, Greek symbols, and Orthodox insignia are among the other options.  This his and hers cross wedding band features evenly spaced shiny cut cross designs.

5. Three Stone His and Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set

The Three Stone Diamond Ring has long been regarded as the pinnacle of a couple’s devotion to one another and their eternal love. Because each diamond has a profound importance and meaning, it is the essence of marriage and real love. The past, present, and future are thought to have a wonderful symbolism in three stone diamond rings. Engagement rings and wedding bands based on these designs typically have a center-piece gem and two lesser gemstones alongside it, or all three gemstones in the same size.

6. Greek key wedding band set

The Meander (also known as the “Greek key”) was a symbol for “infinity” and the “eternal movement of things” in ancient Greece. Because of the pattern’s unbroken, continuous nature, this is a logical association. Because of the uninterrupted line design, the Greek Key is now associated with ‘eternity’ and ‘unity.’ As a result, the Greek Key pattern is frequently used on wedding bands as a symbol of eternal love. This band features a Greek key design that wraps around the entire ring, making it appropriate for a couple that has taken vows of love. Both rings have a curved inner bevel for a comfortable fit.

All the above listed rings can be customized by the metal and color of your choice such as 14K, 18K gold and 950 platinum and white, yellow, pink, two tone gold and platinum.

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