Choose the Best Diamond Jewelry for Your Special Day

5 Easy Tips to Choose the Best Diamond Jewelry for Your Special Day

Your wedding is the most special moment in your life, and you should look the best for it. If you are wondering how to buy beautiful and unique diamond jewelry for your special day, then let us help you out.  From rings and bracelets to earrings and necklaces, here are some tips from the best experts in the industry to help you pick your bridal jewelry for your wedding day.

When it comes to fashion, we are all about defying the “rules.” That doesn’t mean there aren’t any tried-and-true tips for looking your best, even for your wedding day jewelry. So, if you’re looking for any tips about how to accessorize your gown, keep reading.

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 1. Don’t go overboard

The first rule of choosing diamond jewelry for women is to avoid going overboard. You don’t want your accessories to outshine you, no matter how tempting it is to pile on the baubles and bling. Stick to the mantra “less is better” and focus on a few main parts rather than accessorizing every inch of your body.


2. Match the metal to your dress

Are you having trouble deciding between silver and gold jewelry? Make your choice based on the color of your gown. If your gown is white, diamond studded platinum or silver jewelry will match it beautifully. If your gown is ivory, gold jewelry will bring out the creaminess of the color. If your gown is champagne, gold jewelry will go well with the warm tones of this light beige. Burnished silver with exquisite rhinestones is also suitable for creating an antique-inspired look. Go for diamond studded rose gold jewelry designs if your gown is blush. The soft pink of the dress will be complemented by the pink cast in the metal.


3. Keep an eye on your dress neckline

When it is about buying unique diamond jewelry, don’t forget to consider the neckline of your wedding dress. The neckline of your gown plays a key role in enhancing the frame of your face. Pick the right diamond jewelry that complements it perfectly to help it do its job.

If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline, suggest wearing a choker or shorter necklace to add height and draw attention to your smile. With this neckline, this style is making a comeback and looks timeless. Another choice is to forego the necklace and instead opt for a pair of statement chandelier earrings. Remove your hair from your face and add a few fresh flowers, ’20s-inspired feather barrettes, or another simple embellishment that suits your outfit. Since your décolletage is the focal point, keep your statement pieces there, but don’t be afraid to round things out with a smaller cuff, bangle, or cocktail ring.

If your dress has a V-neck, use it to show off your décolletage. If the bits are fragile, go for a choker or pendant, or layer them both. Combine the necklace with earrings, which can be tiny or hanging, depending on your hairstyle. If your dress has a halter or reverse halter, concentrate your accessories on your hair by using buttons, combs, or vines to decorate it. Depending on the effect you like, these can be elegant, bejeweled, or floral. Do you want to go for a retro look? Consider a stunning embellished birdcage veil. Wear a bracelet or cocktail ring if you need a little something special.


4. Do your research beforehand

Selecting diamond jewelry for men and women for their special day can be overwhelming. If choosing a perfect diamond jewelry appears to be more difficult than buying the gown, narrow your quest. Wear one piece that you completely love and want to invest in. Still having second thoughts? Go for the elegant diamond studs. Simple pearl or diamond studs (whether costume or not) are always timeless and they would suit anyone and everyone. Just make sure they are not part of a package when you buy them. Although jewelry suites were once common, modern brides tend to avoid matching accessories.


5. Be yourself

The most important thing to note when choosing the right pieces for your wedding gown is that they should represent your personality. After all it is your big day, and your thoughts and styles should be the main factor to be taken into consideration. Stick to studs if you do not want to wear tall, chandelier earrings. Do you like how you look wearing a lariat necklace? Take a chance! If you are happy with the accessories and styles, then you would feel confident to show it off and that would be the best decision ever.

To sum it up, we can say that your bridal dress always comes first, and the jewelry you pick should complement it like icing on a cake. The only law we observe is that ‘less is better,’ and that the jewelry should be lovely but not overwhelming. And above all, make sure to visit a reputed diamond jewelry store to find the best quality collections.

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