10 Unbelievable His And Hers Wedding Bands That Will Make You Say WOW
His and Her Wedding Bands

10 Incredible His & Hers Wedding Bands – WOW!

As your wedding day approaches and the adrenaline rush continues, you may have to make some crucial decisions. 

Well, it can be challenging as you have to select the flowers, run around the city to do last-minute alterations, and juggle from one shop to another to get the perfect accessories. In addition, you have to prep yourself for the big day from your skin to toe. Out of all these things you have to do, here is an inevitable one that can make your day auspicious even without all the other elements.

It is selecting unique his and hers wedding bands for your wedding and the days to come ahead. 

These rings act as a symbol of love, commitment, promise, and trust, and in a nutshell, these rings can help set up a strong foundation for your relationship. 

By keeping that in mind, why don’t we explore the different his and hers wedding bands that you and your partner can consider buying to mark your love and affection? 

By the way, these rings can also bring a sparkle to the eyes of everyone who attends your nuptials.

5 Awesome Wedding Ring Sets You Can Get In 2022

Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Timeless and classic! 

These wedding rings can be an excellent choice for your wedding. Here, you can choose from metals ranging from gold to platinum and customize them. 

Would you love to engrave your initials or first names on your wedding bands?

Then, these diamond wedding rings can be perfect for you.

 From brilliant round cuts to traditional princess cuts, you can select how you want these diamonds placed on your wedding ring. Besides, you can opt for a single diamond to a cluster of diamonds based on your preferences. 

Since there are zillions of options out there, here are some of our personal favorites for diamond wedding rings:

  1. 0.03 Carat Bestseller Classic 3mm His and Hers Diamond Wedding Ring Set
  2.  0.10 Carat 5mm Designer Matching His and Hers Diamond Wedding Ring Set
  3. 0.10 Carat 5mm Fancy His and Hers Diamond Wedding Ring Set

There are several others too for you to consider. You can explore more from here!

Grooved Matching Wedding Rings

If you wish to add a groove to your wedding day, it would be ideal to opt for grooved matching wedding bands

These unique his and her wedding rings can make your wedding day a memorable occasion. These rings have two thin and recessed horizontal lines running through the center.

Contemporary Matching Wedding Bands

Yes, there are countless options of unique his and hers wedding bands. But to step out in style and create the WOW factor, these contemporary wedding bands can be the best. With their magic blended with aesthetics, you and your partner can flaunt these rings for a lifetime. 

There are a variety of designs, patterns, and styles available for contemporary rings. However, it all narrows down to your personal preference. One of our favorites is the Popular Contemporary Matching 5mm His and Hers Wedding Band Set, which comes with an evenly spaced shiny diagonal cut that creates a striped look.

Raised Edge Wedding Bands

These wedding bands are sleek and stylish on the go. They offer a comfortable fit and come with raised shiny edges, adding to their aesthetics. 

You can opt for rings graded G in color with Si1 clarity. These rings look perfect when made from platinum, yellow, pink, or two-tone gold.

Also, here is our number one choice for raised wedding bands: 0.05 Carat Raised Edge 6mm His and 4mm Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set.

Solitaire Wedding Bands

As you browse the Internet to find the ideal his and hers wedding band set, you might often stumble on solitaire wedding rings. 

Yes, they have been around for quite some time, and even now, they seem to never go out of style. These beautiful and elegant rings are affordable and budget-friendly too. It is because they don’t have any pave or channel set diamonds on them. 

While shopping for solitaire rings, you can go for a center diamond or gemstone. And this central stone will receive the spotlight as there aren’t any other stones on them. In addition, these rings offer a comfortable fit too. Well, if you ask us which is our favorite solitaire ring, it is the 0.06 Carat Solitaire Classic 4mm His and Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set.

Diagonal Cut Matching His and Her Wedding Set

Designed to perfection, these diagonal cut matching rings can craft the WOW factor you have been looking for in no time. 

If there is one word to describe these unique his and hers wedding bands, it is exceptional. 

These wedding rings have a shiny diagonal cut and offer a comfortable fit. The 0.05 Carat Stylish Diagonal 4mm His and Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set is one of our preferred choices for these rings.

Traditional Design Wedding Bands

Wedding bands have a rich history. You can go for a simple traditional wedding band set to mark your bond and affection with your partner. When it comes to a simple design, you can go for plain metal rings. They are timeless and can stand out in the crowd. 

These rings can add a traditional look, and while purchasing them, you have to look into the ring profile. Ring profile refers to the view of the ring from its side, and there are two profiles: flat court and classic court.

Flat court rings have an easy fit with an inner curve. Whereas on the other hand, the classic court simple his and hers wedding bands have an oval shape with curves inside and outside.

Fish Eye Cut Matching His and Her Wedding Ring

If you’re looking for an astounding design, it’s best to opt for a fish eye-cutting wedding ring. These unique his and her wedding bands can be the best option for you. 

These rings have fisheye shiny cuts, and these edges resemble half-fisheye cuts. You can find one of the classiest fish eye cuts matching his and her wedding rings here.

Choose Unique His and Hers Wedding Bands

Greek Couples Matching Rings

If you and your partner wish to add a touch of tradition and a pinch of aesthetics to your wedding, these couple rings are ideal. 

These rings come with a Greek key design and have pilgrim designs. They represent antiqueness, and you can find these couple rings at Love Wedding Bands

Gemstone Wedding Rings

These wedding rings can be from metals including platinum, white gold, classic yellow gold, or rose gold. Here, you will get the option to select the stone for your wedding ring. And instead of diamonds, you can opt for gemstones.

While selecting gemstones, you can base them on your personality, birthstone, or zodiac sign. Some of the best combinations to try are a white gold ring with aquamarine, a yellow gold ring with a topaz, platinum ring with blue sapphire. You can customize your his and hers wedding bands set from here.

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