10 Buying Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Bands
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10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Bands

So, you have found the one? Now the proverbial question has been popped and there’s a whirlwind of action to be done until the big day arrives. The most obvious aspect of the ceremony – the wedding bands – appears to fall down the to-do list between securing a venue, hiring entertainment, sampling caterers and cakes, and finding the right wedding dress or suit. It’s sad because, when you get down to it, unique wedding bands are a sign of union and love celebration. As a result, you’d think that purchasing this piece of jewelry would be at the top of the priority list.

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Wedding errands always take precedence, leaving some soon-to-be couples looking for a last-minute wedding ring solution. If you’re not sure when to buy wedding bands, here’s how to stop rushing and find the perfect wedding bands to symbolize your marriage. Read on to find out a few suggestions for finding a wedding band that perfectly reflects your personal style.

    • What would be the right time to buy your perfect wedding bands? The perfect time to buy your stylish wedding band is just before or just after your engagement when you’ll be filled with enthusiasm for your upcoming marriage – these deep romantic feelings can easily be channeled into a timeless piece of jewelry that you’ll both love as much as you do each other.


    • Set a budget. Stylish wedding bands are available in a variety of price ranges. No matter whether you intend to pay cash, with a credit card, or with store-provided financing, it is essential to determine your budget range. The majority of couples spend about 3% of their wedding budget on rings. Keep in mind that the type of metal used and whether or not stones are used may have a significant effect on the price.


    • You and your partner need to be honest with each other about your wedding band preferences. Before you visit the jewelry store, figure out what elements you want and hate. This will make wedding band shopping much less stressful. Pay attention to your partner’s needs or fears, and both of you should be willing to compromise.


    • To match or not. Do you want matching wedding bands? While this has been the custom, it has waned over time for a variety of reasons, including a preference for a tougher, more scratch-resistant metal or simply due to personal style changes. Do you want to pair her engagement ring with your bands? No law says if the engagement ring is a particular design, the wedding bands must be as well. The two bands, on the other hand, can match each other, which means you can buy a wedding band that will “go with” the ring but is not specifically made for it. Since you’ll be coordinating a collection yourself, you’ll need a little more design sense.


    • Make the right choice of metal. Wedding bands have traditionally been made of gold. The explanation for this is that gold is more fragile than other precious metals and retains its luster for a longer period. Since platinum is more robust due to its heavyweight, it is used in more men’s wedding bands than in women’s. Silver is the most cost-effective choice, but it loses its luster faster than gold. Whatever metal you use, it is recommended that you treat your ring with the care it requires, as this will increase the ring’s longevity.


    • Do think about your personal preferences. Since a wedding band is meant to be worn for the rest of your life, it’s only logical that you’d want a ring you’ll enjoy wearing every day. Your personal preferences and lifestyle will decide the type of band you want. Are you more classic and/or conventional in your tastes? Or would you rather have a trendy ring? Do you prefer convenience to fashion? Do you live a physically active lifestyle? Is it necessary for you to wear a simple wedding band for your daily job? These are the kinds of questions you can ask yourself before you go shopping for the perfect wedding bands.


    • Customized wedding bands are a choice for those who want to create something completely exclusive and tailored to their preferences. You can get unique wedding bands you’ve always wanted by going custom. If you plan to go for a custom ring, look for a jeweler who will make a wax model of the ring(s) so you can accept the final design before the rings are sent to production.


    • Make sure to take your ring measurement during the early hours of the morning, and preferably when your body temperature is natural. Throughout the day, the fingers swell for various reasons including exercise, pregnancy, cold and hot temperatures, and more.


    • It’s important to understand what kind of warranty is included with your order. Is the jeweler willing to clean and resize your jewelry free of cost? If a diamond falls out of your band, will your ring be covered? To ensure that your investment is secure, make sure to discuss these concerns with your jeweler.


It doesn’t have to be difficult to pick wedding bands. Simply take your time, do your homework, and keep these ten ideas in mind. When you’re ready, don’t hesitate to visit Love Wedding Bands for a beautiful wedding band.

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