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His and Her Wedding Bands

Matching Wedding Rings Types You Need to Know

When you put a wedding band on each other’s ring finger, you’re participating in a centuries-old tradition while still looking forward. Wedding bands are usually placed on the third finger of each other’s left hand in most Western cultures because it was once thought that a vein connected directly from that finger to the heart. While medical science eventually disproved this belief, the practice persisted.

When it comes to who, when, and whether a wedding band is worn, traditions differ by country and community. And in the United States, double-ring ceremonies — in which the groom receives a wedding band as well — were uncommon until the twentieth century.

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In the United States, matching wedding bands — one for her and one for him — is the conventional choice (and possibly her engagement ring). These coordinating his and hers wedding ring sets:

  • Offers a visible expression that you and your partner have united
  • Show that you have similar tastes and that you belong together
  • Indicate that you care about tradition and want to be a part of it

The rings don’t have to be exact replicas of each other to be considered matching. They may also be compatible because they are complementary or share a common source of inspiration.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing his and hers wedding rings. Consider your budget, any reservations about wearing the ring to work, as well as metal and design preferences. If you’ve decided on a style of ring, the possibilities are infinite.

There are other ways to pair a wedding ring beyond matching it to the same sort of metal, whether it’s white gold, yellow gold, silver, or even titanium.

  • Engraving: Engraving the couple’s names and wedding date on the inside of the ring, as well as a special message or sentiment.
  • Matching stones: Another alternative is to use stones that are the same color in both rings. There are a variety of stones that can be used in a wedding ring besides diamonds. Couples either choose to wear their birthstones or a stone that is meaningful to both of them.
  • Symbol or pattern: Including a special design, such as a symbol or a specific pattern, in each ring. If you’re getting rings made to order, this is a simple method.

Textured bands

While most wedding bands may be etched on the inside, textured bands are molded so that they appear to be engraved on the outside. Carved or engraved bands are other names for these bands. Various online stores sell matching textured bands in a range of designs, such as braids, checked patterns, and waves. You can also find textured matching wedding bands in various shades and metal choices.

Diamond wedding bands

Although they may not be an affordable choice for every couple, you can find various types of diamond wedding bands suitable for either gender both online and in store. His and hers diamond wedding rings are available from Love Wedding Bands in a wide range of styles.

Patterned Bands

Unlike their textured counterparts, these bands are smooth with the pattern in the metal itself, rather than being formed into a particular form. Patterned bands are often made up of two metals mixed together to produce a striking color contrast.

Claddagh wedding rings

Two hands clasp the outside of a heart in Claddagh wedding rings. To represent loyalty and affection, the heart wears a crown. The heart, of course, is a sign of devotion. These Celtic-inspired rings are definitely one-of-a-kind and ideal if you or your spouse have Celtic ancestors. If you’re wearing a Claddagh as a wedding band, make sure the crown is closest to the knuckle.

Custom wedding bands

Custom wedding bands are one of the most unique options available, and many couples consider them. You can either bring an image of what you want to the jeweler or simply tell a designer what you want your ring to represent and the individual will come up with a design for you. When putting together his and hers wedding ring sets, bear in mind that the design must serve equally well for both men and women.

The purchase of matching wedding bands is one of the first big purchases that a betrothed couple will make. Although it is not the last, it is surely one of the most prominent and should be the symbol of love and commitment forever. Hence, make sure to do your research and planning before heading out to visit the jewelry store.

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