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Know about Emily Ratajkowski’s Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Well, weddings aren’t always about expensive rings or decorations. There is a lot more to it that can add color and value to this special occasion, marking the beginning of something beautiful. Emily Ratajkowski, through her marriage to Sebastian Sean McClare, has shown how one can craft a love story without going behind glimmers and glamour. If you don’t know Emily Ratajkowski, who is an internet sensation with millions of followers on her different social media channels, here is a glimpse into her professional life. Emily Ratajkowski began her career at a young age as a child artist in Nickledon and iCarly. She eventually made her way to stardom as a model, actress, and author. 

If you are an enthusiast of jewelry and romantic tales, Emily Ratajkowski is here to amaze you with her life. Well, her engagement ring style and the secrecy of her engagement ring designer have created a lot of noise on the internet. However, it is no longer a secret as Emily Ratajkowski has spoken about her engagement ring designer. Are you interested in finding out about that? If you are, hop on as we have got all the juicy details you would need to munch on about Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring style, designer, and even her wedding ring. So, let’s dive right into it wasting no more time.

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Emily Ratajkowski’s Engagement Ring Style, Engagement Ring Designer, and Other Details

Emily Ratajkowski got engaged to Sebastian Sean McClard in February 2018. They were only dating for a few weeks when Sebastian proposed to Emily. Emily Ratajkowski speaks about the proposal in detail during The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. Here, she mentions how Sebastian proposed without a ring. As a reply, she said: ‘Nah.’ But, bringing his elements of creativity to life, Sebastian proposed to Emily by making a ring out of a paper clip. It sounds as beautiful as a scene crafted from Taylor Swift’s famous song, ‘I love shiny things, but I would marry you with paper rings.’ Emily Ratajkowski described the beautiful moment: ‘He took the paperclip from the bill and made it into a ring.’ This paperclip engagement is not just beautiful but also a romantic gesture that any romantic person would fall for instantly.

However, apart from this paper clip engagement ring, the couple got an engagement ring designed. Bringing life to ‘Diamonds is a girl’s best friend,’ Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring features gigantic square princess cuts and pear-shaped diamonds in a gold-blend. This beautiful ring can catch the eye of any jewelry lover like you and us!

After her wedding, you could spot Emily Ratajkowski wearing a matching gold wedding band. There have been a lot of discussions happening related to her gorgeous wedding ring. Well, we will get to that in some time.

Coming to her engagement ring designer, most of us have been rooting for different designers to be the ones who created this beauty. From the famous Jacquie Aiche to Alison Lou, the names associated with Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring are many. Most of her fans considered it to be Jacquie Aiche, a famous designer known for creating engagement rings as well. Others thought it to be Alison Lou because Emily Ratajkowski was part of her custom engagement ring campaign. In addition, they are close friends. However, proving many of us correct, Emily Ratajkowski disclosed to Vogue.com that after working on 50 sketches, Emily and her partner finalized the perfect design. Isn’t it amazing?

They then found their ring with the assistance of Alison Chemla, the wonderful designer behind Alison Lou. Well, it’s still unclear if Alison Chemla designed and selected the gems for the ring. It is because Emily’s husband, Sebastian, has profound knowledge and familiarity with gems. It is because of the movie he has worked on recently, which is titled Uncut Gems.

Anyway, that is all we know about Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring style. Coming to the engagement ring cost, it is unclear. However, considering the preciousness of the stones, the design, and other aspects of the ring, it might have cost a hefty price. But, what not for love, from paper clip rings to a gigantic diamond ring?

Emily Ratajkowski’s Wedding Ring Style, Designer, Cost, and Other Interesting Details

Whether it be a decorative-fancy wedding or a city hall wedding, it is all about the life that you and your partner would have ahead. Without a lot of color and glamour, Emily Ratajkowski tied the knot with Sebastian in a surprisingly simple wedding that they officiated at the New York Mayoral office. Well, when it comes to their wedding ring, it is as special and curious as their engagement ring style.

Here, they did something unique, where the couple bought an ounce of gold from Chinatown. They were unsure of what they could make out of it initially. But, they found an Israeli jeweler who worked with them to craft their ring. With touch and hammer, the jeweler completed this DIY personal ring in style. They discovered this jeweler in Midtown after putting in a lot of effort. They thought these gold rings to be temporary. But, Emily Ratajkowski has mentioned that she and her partner have grown attached to their rings and have decided not to change them. Regarding the price of these wedding rings, they might be expensive as it involves a lot of customization. In addition, they bought gold and melted it, and hammered it down with a blowtorch with the assistance of a specialized jeweler.

Final Thoughts

Well, it’s a wrap when it comes to the tale of Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement and wedding rings. However, if you are planning to get hitched sometime soon and wish to bring customization to your rings, don’t hesitate to stop by at Love Wedding Bands. Here, you can customize and add a personal touch to your rings from the comfort of your home and get them delivered to your doorstep. So check out Love Wedding Bands to craft your own story today!

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