How to pair your solitaire ring with a perfect band
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Pairing Solitaire Ring with Perfect Band

Engagement rings have long been cherished symbols of a couple’s deep commitment and affection for each other. Among the various options, the solitaire ring has consistently held a special place when selecting the ideal engagement ring for your beloved. The Solitaire’s simplicity exudes a timeless and classic beauty that never goes out of style. Your engagement ring carries profound sentimental value as it represents the promises you both share.

Selecting the perfect wedding band is a significant and sometimes challenging task because it involves choosing a piece of jewelry that will accompany your partner throughout their lifetime. To assist you in finding the ideal match for your Solitaire ring, refer to the guide below.

What are wedding bands?

There are various reasons when you wondered why a particular wedding band stands out more than others. The main reason behind this is the setting style which helps in putting that precious Solitaire into its place. The setting style of the Solitaire enhances the appearance of the band to give a more distinctive look to your Solitaire.

Wedding bands, also known as wedding rings or wedding bands, hold a special place in the world of matrimony. These timeless symbols of love and commitment have been worn by couples around the globe for centuries. In this article, we will explore the significance, history, and various styles of wedding bands, shedding light on their enduring appeal and the role they play in celebrating the union of two individuals in love.

Tips to help you find the perfect wedding band for your Solitaire

This tip helps you to find the perfect Solitaire engagement ring for your partner

How to Pair your Solitaire Ring with a Perfect Band

1. Select the shape you want 

Having a clear idea of the ring shape you desire can significantly narrow down your search for the perfect engagement ring. Each shape comes with its unique pricing structure based on the per-carat cost. Among the various cuts available, round cuts tend to be the most expensive, whereas pear and marquise cuts are comparatively more budget-friendly. If size is a top priority for you, opting for a classic round cut Solitaire ring can offer more carat weight for your money. Therefore, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with different ring cuts before you begin your search for a Solitaire ring, and perhaps have one or two preferred choices in mind.

2. Choose the perfect metal for your band

Traditionally most of the engagement rings and wedding bands were made up of white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or silver. Although in recent years rose gold has emerged as a fresh choice for a wedding band and looks beautiful when complemented with the Solitaire. Well, platinum and silver look quite similar to each other but Platinum is more expensive as compared to silver and it also has greater density and is also found rarely. Hence different metals cost differently according to their availability and density. Along with this, some metals are so sensitive that they get scratch easier than the others. So it is advisable to consider lifestyle, budget and then after coming to your final decision of choosing the perfect metal for your wedding band. Along with this if you want stones set in the bands it is advisable to think about it too.

3. Consider a Carat size

A carrot size is also an important question to be answered while deciding on a solitaire ring for your partner. The tradition of quality versus quantity also applies to engagement rings. Despite the carat count, some people prefer the absolute sophisticated small Solitaire while others want a larger solitaire. So, the spouse should have a definite idea of his or her Solitaire size. Depending upon the size of Solitaire, we can say that you can save some of your cash if you choose a less carat size. What is the price of diamonds increases significantly when they weigh more. 

4. Get the perfect measurement 

It is very important to make sure that your solitaire engagement ring is measured perfectly and fits precisely on your finger. It might seem obvious but an important factor to consider to enhance the look of your solitaire ring. I am sure that you don’t want anything that’s cutting off your circulation and fits loose, it might have the risk of falling off too. So before planning to buy a Solitaire and wedding bands it is advisable to go and get sized at a jewelry store and then buy an engagement ring.

5. Consider how your Solitaire engagement ring will look with your wedding band

While it is comparatively easy to get up shopping for the perfect Solitaire but to choose a Solitaire engagement ring is only one-half of the equation, choosing your wedding band is also equally important. A wedding band is said to be the actual symbol of your marriage. So, it is very important to think about the style of wedding band you would consider to go with your Solitaire engagement ring. It’s important to consider the full package of prong versus pave and channel set stones wedding band before committing to an engagement ring style because sometimes it doesn’t allow a band to fit flush against them.

6. Always buy certified Solitaire

Buying an engagement Solitaire ring is one of the most expensive purchases in one’s life so it is advisable to take enough time to shop it smartly. Considering the above-mentioned points when you finally found your dream ring, it is very important to make sure that you will buy a certified Solitaire from an accredited laboratory. 

7. Smartly analyze the quality of the cut and clarity

Weissman suggested that you can save a big amount of money by purchasing the lowest color diamond that will still look colorless to the naked eye. On the other hand, the quality of the cut of the diamond is a very important thing to consider because the perfect cut gives a stunning look to your engagement ring. Your engagement ring will look beautiful if you take a rough diamond and cut it perfectly but on the contrary, if you cut it poorly you will find that it will look like absolute garbage.

8. Negotiate properly before buying a Solitaire ring

It is said that engagement rings can be marked up beyond the necessary margins as much as 500 %. It is advisable to do your research properly before pulling the trigger of purchasing your Solitaire and don’t be afraid to negotiate. Always remember that a good Jeweller will be willing to provide you quality within your budget and provide you the best quality works for your needs.

Pairing a Solitaire with a wedding band

A Solitaire engagement ring is a perfect classic ring and the most versatile style to match. It doesn’t mean that a solitaire lacks style or flair just because it showcases a single gem. A beautifully classic brilliant or Princess cut Solitaire is the easiest and perfect engagement ring to pair. It looks simply beautiful when paired with a simple band, you can also add some extra sparkle with a pave diamond band in it. 

If your engagement ring features an eternity Solitaire band, it is advisable to go for a simple gem free wedding band so that your sparkler Solitaire takes the center state and enhances the beauty of your stone. On the other hand, if your engagement ring features a central high carat Solitaire it is advisable to incorporate that gem with a thin band of the metal that also incorporates colored stones to coordinate your Solitaire engagement ring. If you are the type of person who wants your engagement ring to command more attention when worn alone it is advisable to select an equally eye-catching band to wear on your right hand that enhances the absolute beauty of the Solitaire.

If you are someone who wants to give a vintage vibe to your Solitaire go for a band featuring and engraving, filigree, and other intricate decorations in your wedding band that highlights the design element of your Solitaire engagement ring like engraved flowers.

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