8 Engagement Ring Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2023
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8 Engagement Ring Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2023

Proposing to someone you love is a way of taking your relationship forward. Well, proposing the love of your life from a cliff or in front of the Eiffel Tower may not be possible for everyone. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put any effort into your proposal. Instead, you can make it unique by giving your partner an exquisite engagement ring that can mesmerize your partner. Since 2023 is around the corner, we have brought together eight 2023 engagement ring trends. So, with no further ado, let’s get into the details.

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Why not Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

Creating your own engagement ring for your partner can be something you can give a try. When you customize your engagement ring, you bring a personal touch to your matching engagement rings. While doing so, you can consider both of your style preferences.

You can decide the thickness, the width, the material, the quality, the design, and several other factors. You can also include engravings where you can add something special. It can be a statement, your name, birth date, the day you first met, the day you first conveyed your love for each other, etc.

Similarly, you can add gemstones of your preference to your matching engagement rings.

The gemstone that has been staying in style for decades is the diamond. You can opt for a single stone or multiple diamonds based on the 2023 engagement ring trends. You can consider Princess Cut and Round Cut as options.

Apart from diamonds, there are other gemstones like Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, etc. You can also choose them based on your Birthstone if this is something you and your partner believe.

Why not take it easy with Matching Engagement Rings?

Matching engagement bands are a sweet way to symbolize your union if you prefer tradition. The sentimental value of the bands won’t be diminished by getting different bands. Therefore, if you cannot find matching engagement rings, don’t worry. However, if you can, you can always consider matching engagement rings, as an excellent way to kick-start your relationship with your partner.

While choosing matching engagement rings, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Choose a metal – White and yellow gold are the most traditional ring metals, but they are also the most expensive. Platinum is another metal, you can consider. If you are searching for affordable alternatives, you can opt for tungsten carbide, silicone, or ceramic.
  2. Find a ring that fits you – Before you hit the buy now option, it’s essential to ensure that your matching engagement rings fit each other. While shopping virtually, you can’t try the ring. However, you can refer to online fitting guides and search for your ring size. Through this, you and your partner can stay away from any alterations.
  3. Don’t forget to tell your story – You can add a unique touch to your engagement ring by narrating your story. For that purpose, you can opt for engravings like fingerprints, dates, etc.

Antique Cut as the game changer

Antique cut engagement rings are extremely rare and among them, antique cut diamonds are gaining as much popularity as 2023 is right around the corner. These rings come with stones mined between the 1300s and 1930s, making them much more valuable.

While gifting your partner the greatest of 2023 engagement ring trends can bring a twist to your bond with your partner. You can even opt for rose-cut diamonds that were popular during the Victorian era. So, why not give this 2023 engagement ring trend a shot?

Vintage Engagement Rings as one of the Top 2023 Engagement Ring Trends

Vintage engagement rings are as popular as antique rings. Vintage rings refer to rings that are made in the present time by gaining inspiration from antique models. You can opt for these rings and purchase them from leading online stores like Love Wedding Bands.

These rings can bring timeless and classic models to life. These rings have traditional designs brought in with a modern touch.

Engagement Rings with Geometric Cuts

Well, the difference in the cuts of your engagement ring itself can bring in a great change. You can opt for a variety of cuts, including hexagonal, or kite-shaped. These cuts can be excellent choices for giving your ring an unconventional touch. Through this, you can provide your rings with a vintage flair, edginess, and mystique look.

Multi-Stone Rings

Similar to rings with multiple metals, these rings can have multiple gemstones. You can opt for a combination of diamond and other gemstones like amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Instead of diamonds, you can have matching engagement rings with multiple gemstones.

Here, while purchasing these rings, ensure that all gemstones have the right certificates and standardization. Additionally, focus on the cuts and designs of these stones in your ring to make sure that they align with the trends.

Mixed Metals are the next big thing

Unsure of the metal you would like in your ring? Do I need it to be in gold? Do I want it in platinum? Let’s end this confusion because we are here with something new that will become top-selling engagement rings in 2023.

The choice is yours between yellow gold or platinum for your engagement ring! When you opt for this different-colored jewelry, you can make it trendier by adding gemstones like diamonds. Isn’t this something that you would like to try?

Eternity Engagement Rings

Eternity engagement rings are extremely popular. They can be a fascinating way to celebrate your love for your partner. You can have a center stone in this ring that acts as a solitaire. Here, you can opt for a diamond as your choice of gemstone.

Thus, these are some trends that you can consider while shopping for top-selling engagement rings for your partner. By the way, you can find the best in class engagement rings from Love Wedding Bands.

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