Conflict Free Policy

Conflict Diamonds

Conflict diamonds commonly come from Central and Western Africa (e.g. Sierra Leone) and are diamonds that are used and sold illegally in order to fund rebel armies and/or kinds of groups that use military tactics against internationally recognized government agencies. Fair trade is not practiced in the labor force where these diamonds are mined; inhumane methods are practiced by rebel fighters as they extract and export diamonds from these areas. We support human rights and do not condone this behavior, so we do not purchase such diamonds.

Our Policy

We have zero tolerance for conflict diamonds. We are especially careful to ensure that your diamond comes from only reputable, esteemed diamond suppliers via the Kimberly Process, which was enacted by the World Diamond Council. We are able to obtain diamonds that have not been supplied inhumanely and/or illegally.

The World Diamond Council was created with the mission of eliminating illegal trade of conflict ‘blood’ diamonds. The Kimberly Process is a process whereby human rights are upheld. Rough diamonds that cross the supplier’s border are conflict-free certified via serial numbers and forgery-resistant documents. Many government agencies and NGOs have adopted the Kimberly Process and now almost 99% of all diamonds are traded conflict-free, legally.

With questions regarding our conflict-free policy and your particular purchase, call 800-75-3046.

Conflict Gold: Our Views

Gold mining has had many environmental and socioeconomic impacts; at LoveWeddingBands we are well aware of these issues. Thus, we work with leading retailers in the industry who practice ethical and responsible precious metal mining.

By signing the Golden Rules (see below) we have made a commitment to responsible mining activities. The basic operating standards of the Golden Rule include:

  • Respect all the basic human rights that have been outlined and highlighted in all international conventions and laws.
  • Obtain all the necessary permissions and consent from those communities that are affected.
  • Respect all the rights of the workers and place emphasis on health and safety.
  • Ensure that all mining operations are not in the vicinity of any conflict – armed or militarized.
  • Ensure that mining projects do not make communities homeless.
  • Ensure that mining projects are not carried out in protected areas that could affect conservation.
  • Refrain from dumping any waste from operating mines into water bodies such as the ocean and rivers.
  • Ensure that mining projects do not affect and contaminate the earth’s elements with sulfuric acid drainage and other highly toxic chemicals. Registered Jeweler

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