Types of Diamond Rings for women
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An Ultimate Guide to Different Kinds of Diamond Rings For Women.

A famous quote says “Be like a diamond, precious and rare, not like a stone that is found everywhere”. Diamonds signify exotic gems, which makes them the best fit for promise rings. By gifting the precious gems within a band, one gives a profound message that the partner is as precious as the diamonds in the ring. Whether it’s about making a wedding promise, pulling off a fashion statement, or displaying a royal swag, diamonds can never disappoint. This makes them exclusive jewels that never go out of season!

Although, the shine of the diamonds is enough to steal hearts there are other facets to reckon with when one plans to buy diamond rings.

Types of diamond rings – Must know for all planning to wed!

Diamond rings are classified into different kinds based on the design, shape, cut, color, size of the gems along with the metal used for the ring.

Broadly based on the diamond ring design and number of gems:

  • Solitaire rings – These are rings with just one diamond, which form the statement piece and highlight the band to give an exclusive look. Solitaire diamond rings are the most popular choice for engagement rings as they have an exclusive charm and appeal.
  • Rings with side stones – Ring designs where there is a big diamond in the center and smaller gems creatively aligned around it to form a delightful design. These mark elegance and grace, making them ideal choices for all occasions. 
Types of Diamond Rings for women, best wedding Rings for women.

Types of diamond rings based on their shape and cut:

  • Rings with round diamonds – These are undoubtedly the most popular kinds as they give a classic look by highlighting the brilliance of the stone. Princess Beatrice of York wears a ring with a central round diamond held strong by prongs and surrounded by smaller gems on both sides.
  • Oval diamond rings – Based on the kind of cuts, there are many varieties of these rings. The pear cut is where an oval diamond is sharped at one end to form a pear-like structure. Paris Hilton and Ariana Grande chose pear cut diamonds as engagement rings.
  • Heart cut diamond rings – Heart-shaped diamonds have been a classic choice since time immemorial. The blue diamond pendant became a rage after Titanic and heart-shaped diamonds are still the most popular choice for engagement rings. Heart-shaped diamonds have a big fan following as it symbolizes eternal love in true sense. Celebrities like Lady Gaga wears a 6 karat heart-shaped diamond ring on her ring finger to celebrate love.
  • Square diamond rings – In this type, a square-shaped diamond is anchored with prongs and metal bands on the sides. There are other forms like rectangular or princess cut which are different forms of rectangular rings. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez wears a 16-carat emerald cut diamond ring as a symbol of love for life. Beyonce wears an 18-carat rectangular diamond ring gifted by Jay Z.
  • Trillian cut or classic triangular shape – These rings have diamond-shaped in the triangle with either rounded or straight edges. These rings give unique look and definitely please ladies who have a natural attraction that make them stand out of the crowd.
Types of Diamond Rings for women, best wedding Rings for women.

Apart from this, diamond ring designs are defined by the kind of metal used to form the band. Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold rings are the most popular choices as these metals are strong enough to hold the diamond for a lifetime. Platinum being the most expensive and preferred choice definitely adds to the value of the ring.

The size of the diamond also plays a key role in its pricing. A big diamond may cost you a castle while smaller ones are the best fit for cheap diamond rings. Nonetheless, rings with very small diamonds may look elegant but bigger diamonds always give an imperial and royal look.

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