Types of Diamond Rings for women
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An Ultimate Guide to Different Kinds of Diamond Rings For Women.

A renowned saying advises us to “emulate a diamond, valuable and exceptional, rather than a common stone found everywhere.” Diamonds symbolize rare and exquisite gemstones, making them the ideal choice for promise rings. When you bestow these precious gems within a ring, you convey a deep message that your partner is as precious as the diamonds encased in the band. Whether you’re making a commitment for marriage, making a fashion statement, or showcasing a regal elegance, diamonds consistently exceed expectations. This enduring appeal renders them timeless treasures that never fade out of style!

Although, the shine of the diamonds is enough to steal hearts there are other facets to reckon with when one plans to buy diamond rings.

Types of diamond rings – Must know for all planning to wed!

Diamond rings are classified into different kinds based on the design, shape, cut, color, size of the gems along with the metal used for the ring.

Broadly based on the diamond ring design and number of gems:

  • Solitaire rings – These rings feature a single diamond, serving as the focal point to accentuate the band and create an elegant, distinctive appearance. Solitaire diamond rings are highly sought after for engagement rings due to their exceptional charm and allure.
  • Rings with side stones – These ring creations feature a prominent central diamond, beautifully complemented by an artful arrangement of smaller gemstones, resulting in a captivating and sophisticated design. These pieces exude elegance and charm, rendering them perfect selections for any and every occasion.
Types of Diamond Rings for women, best wedding Rings for women.

Types of diamond rings based on their shape and cut:

  • Rings with round diamonds – Certainly, these are unquestionably the most favored styles, as they offer a timeless appearance that accentuates the stone’s exquisite brilliance. Princess Beatrice of York, for instance, adorns herself with a ring featuring a central round diamond securely cradled by delicate prongs and encircled by smaller gemstones on either side.
  • Oval diamond rings – There are numerous types of engagement rings available, each distinguished by its unique cut. One such exquisite cut is the pear cut, characterized by its oval diamond shape with a tapered end, resembling a graceful pear. It’s worth noting that prominent figures like Paris Hilton and Ariana Grande have both opted for pear cut diamonds when selecting their engagement rings.
  • Heart cut diamond rings – Heart-shaped diamonds have remained a timeless and enduring choice throughout history. The popularity of blue diamond pendants soared following the release of Titanic, yet heart-shaped diamonds continue to reign supreme as the preferred option for engagement rings. These exquisite gems boast a dedicated fan base due to their profound representation of eternal love. Even celebrities like Lady Gaga proudly display their affection with a dazzling 6-karat heart-shaped diamond ring adorning their ring finger.
  • Square diamond rings – In this type, a square-shaped diamond is anchored with prongs and metal bands on the sides. There are other forms like rectangular or princess cut which are different forms of rectangular rings. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez wears a 16-carat emerald cut diamond ring as a symbol of love for life. Beyonce wears an 18-carat rectangular diamond ring gifted by Jay Z.
  • Trillian cut or classic triangular shape – These rings feature a captivating diamond-shaped design within a triangle, offering options with either rounded or straight edges. These exquisite rings are sure to captivate women with an innate allure that sets them apart from the rest.
Types of Diamond Rings for women, best wedding Rings for women.

Apart from this, diamond ring designs are defined by the kind of metal used to form the band. Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold rings are the most popular choices as these metals are strong enough to hold the diamond for a lifetime. Platinum being the most expensive and preferred choice definitely adds to the value of the ring.

The size of the diamond also plays a key role in its pricing. A big diamond may cost you a castle while smaller ones are the best fit for cheap diamond rings. Nonetheless, rings with very small diamonds may look elegant but bigger diamonds always give an imperial and royal look.

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