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Choosing His and Hers Wedding Bands


Choosing his and hers wedding bands should have as much care put into it as choosing a wedding dress. Think about the styles of both the bride and groom and choose the bands together so that you get something that both of you can enjoy


In all the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, choosing wedding rings can sometimes be put off until the last possible moment. Choosing a wedding set should have as much care put into it as picking the wedding dress, if not more. The wedding dress will be put away after the big day while the rings remain on fingers for a lifetime.

Most weddings these days are two-ring ceremonies where both the bride and groom exchange rings. These became popular after World War II, and began to become standard in the 1970s. Yet even now the groom has often never really thought about jewelry and may have no ideas about what type or style of ring will suit him or be comfortable. He may be a little uncomfortable with the idea of thinking of his wedding band as jewelry, even if he embraces a double-ring ceremony.

If you decide that you want matching wedding rings, it is important to sit down before you go shopping and discuss the various aspects of the style of rings you might buy. Matching his and hers wedding bands should be a mixture of the couple's identities.

From plain bands to bands with a bit of a sparkle in them to eternity bands, the options can become overwhelming. Here are several things to think about when choosing his and hers bands:

* Do the bands go well with the bride's engagement ring? Since most brides wear their engagement rings and their wedding band together on the same finger, this is an important thought. If the engagement ring is yellow gold, then the band should probably feature yellow gold as well. The same goes for platinum or white gold.
* Does the ring for the groom look appropriate on his finger? If his style is less flashy than the bride's style, consider keeping the sparkle in the engagement ring and choosing wedding bands that blend with the hand, rather than standing out.
* Do you wear a mostly gold or silver jewelry? If the engagement ring isn't going to dictate the color of the wedding band, then remember to consider other jewelry (including watches) you wear so that the rings do not clash.
* How much do you want to spend?

Where should you shop for his and hers wedding bands?

This is possibly the most daunting question of them all. Many local jewelry shops will not have a large selection of wedding bands in stock. Because of this you may find yourselves traveling from store to store in your area to look at bands. This is tiring, and can lead to settling for rings just because you don't want to drive one more mile!

Save the driving and begin by looking online. LoveWeddingBands.com have wonderful images of their rings posted and you can get a good idea of what suits your style and budget. Purchase online and have your wedding bands shipped directly to you with no stress.

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